Applying for Taiwan Passport Need Help (Both Parents are already Taiwanese citizens)

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I was hoping to find help in here. I posted a topic last time and this is a bit similar but an updated scenario.

Let me tell you guys the situation I am into so everyone would understand what I am asking for.

So here is a summary, my parents are both Taiwanese Citizens, I am already over 18 years of age and processing my Taiwan passport is quite hard. I hold a Philippine Passport since I was born there. I’ve been staying here in Taiwan for several years now holding a special visa due to medical reasons.

Now, here is what I am going through, I already have my complete documents to get a Taiwan passport back in the Philippines. Problem is, MECO needs an official letter from the office of Foreign Affairs or the House of Representatives (立法委員會) for them to issue me a Taiwan passport. So my mom came back here in Taiwan to ask for that letter. After back and forth discussion with both offices, they said that a letter is not needed. They won’t issue a letter since “they know” that it is not needed. My mom already explained that MECO is asking for it. Unfortunately, after all that explaining and arguing we didn’t get any.

Now, we are stuck without that letter.

I am reaching out here in the Forum to anyone who personally knows anyone in the Foreign Affairs office or The House of Representatives (立法委員會) to please issue a letter so I can acquire my Taiwan Passport from MECO in the Philippines.


couldn’t you get the answer in a written form from the office of Foreign Affairs?

I remember your thread but not the details. Do your parents have household registration? If they have and one of them lives here, I think you can be registered in their household tegistration, so get your passport, in Taiwan. Am I wrong?

Hey Tando,

I couldn’t get the answer in a written form. We already explained and they still insist that a written answer or letter is NOT needed. Yes they have household registration. Like I said earlier, I have ALL of the documents needed, it is complete, only problem is a letter from either one of those offices is needed. We gone through that process and they say we need to go back to the Philippines and acquire my Taiwan passport from there. Which leads me back to obtain a letter from either offices.

From your other thread I understand that only your mother was a ROC national at the time of your birth and you were born BEFORE 1980. If that is the case, you have no other way to ROC nationality than lawful residence and naturalization. In other words: you are not a ROC national despite your mother being Taiwanese.

If your father was already a ROC national at the tkme of your birth that is an entirely different situation of course.

Also, I am not really sure what sort of letter you are talking about, it would help if you could specify in Chinese.

  • Resident certificate:
    • in case the applicant is outside R.O.C., he/she may apply for a resident certificate to the Embassy of R.O.C. pursuant to Statute Governing Issuance of ROC Visas in Foreign Passports and Enforcement Rules for the Issuance of ROC Visas to Foreign-Passport. However, if the applicant has entered R.O.C. with a visitor visa, he/she may apply for a resident visa to offices of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien.

MECO in Taipei or TECO in Manila? Who is asking?

its MECO manila

MECO is the embassy of Philippines. Why would they asked for it. It should be TECO the Taiwan embassy in Manila.

oh my mistake😅
yeah its TECO ni manila not MECO

If your parents have household registration and you said you lived in taiwan for several years already-+ what visa do you hold on under philippine passport in taiwan… In order to get your taiwan passport since you were born in the philippines. Go back in the philippines. Get your birth certificate marriage contract and their taiwan id with household registration. Apply for a chinese name or if you have been using your chinese name given by ur parents. Teco makati will give you annotated from english name convert it to chinese name… You will get a 10 year taiwan passport by teco makati.b