Applying for TARC after I receive NWOHR Passport (Taiwan)

Hello! My name is Annie, and this is my current situation.

I have a flight booked for Taipei on February 24, 2021. It can be cancelled anytime. I am seeking dual nationality/citizenship in Taiwan. I am Canadian, and currently only hold a Canadian passport. However, I was born in Taiwan in 1998. At the time, my parents did not register me under any household. My mother is a ROC national who married a Canadian guy. They were married in 1992 therefore, she obviously lost her household registration. Both of my grandparents are alive in Taiwan and hold house registration.

I would like to work in Taipei, especially this year since the economy is not super great in Canada for my field of work. Due to the new Taiwan restrictions of foreigners, I am trying to get my NWOHR Passport with an entry/exit permit to go to Taiwan. When my mom spoke to NIA, they said I could go in with a ROC NWOHR passport. I believe I am applicable for one as well since my mom is from Taiwan, ever though her HRR is not active.

The situation is a bit complicated because NIA also said that since I was born in Taiwan between 1989 and 1999 that I am applicable for my full citizenship (National ID card & Passport). HOWEVER, my mom must go back to Taiwan to register her household again and update her marriage certificate. She obviously cannot go back right now considering the pandemic/quarantine/restrictions etc.

I would still like to go and work this year, so I was thinking of going the NWOHR/TARC route until restrictions are lifted and my mom can come to apply for me. I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting NWOHR, or will I? Considering that I was born in Taiwan. My other concern is that once I get my NWOHR and fly to Taiwan, will I be able to get my TARC? Specifically, a TARC that has an open work permit, which I read is only AF353. AF353 states that blood lineage applicants can apply with AF353 reasoning. HOWEVER…

I was reading a lot fo Forumosa posts about TARC reasoning/AF353 that said the parent with ROC nationality needs to have had active HHR at the time I was born. At the time I was born, my mom already had her first child in Canada in 1993. I was born in 1998, so I don’t think her HHR was active. But both of my grandparents have ROC citizenship/HHR.

Ultimately, I am wondering how I can apply for a TARC reason that will allow me to work in Taiwan. I just want a job to sustain my life while I am in Taiwan lmao. Especially, considering I am going to spend money for a quarantine hotel, etc.


I would definitely like to know the same. I’m not sure if my mother had active HHR either when I was born in 1986, but I was told by TECO that I could apply for TARC. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a lot of conflicting information or just information that is not completely clear when it comes to NWOHR and TARC qualifications.

how long did she stay in Taiwan at the time? It is very provable she reactivated (moved in) her HHR.

Besides, you can use your grandparents’ HHR for your TARC, if they are alive, iiuc. They are your lineal blood relatives. In that case, parents just need a nationality, their HHR at your birth is not necessary.

Iirc, the case you need their HHR at your birth (and it can have be deactivated (moved out) at the time) is AF384, with no currently close relatives with HHR, anyway.