Applying I-130 in Taipei - Problems

Hey, I tried to apply for the I-130 visa in Taiwan and they told me that I am not allowed to and would have to go back to America and apply for the Visa there. I came here to apply for the I-130 visa because it is faster to do it in Taiwan. Does anyone know about this? Does anyone know of a lawyer I can talk to in Taiwan.

First guess, try these guys
ML McLean & Associates Co. Ltd. Relocation & Visa Services Group
Main number: +886 2-6620-5062 ; Email:

Also, you may find more information in the legal forum. Try doing a search with the orange banner.

Good luck, and welcome to Forumosa.

Thank you, Jaboney, for the plug.

rbr, did you marry your Taiwanese wife in the US? If you did, then your visa petition must be done in the country in which you and she were married. Hence, AIT telling you both to do it in the US, not Taiwan.