APRC and Work Permit

Hi all

I got my APRC a couple of months ago :discodance: , but now I got a new passport and I have to update my APRC with the new passport number.

I only need the new passport and a picture so it should be simple. So I go to my local NIA office and ask them to update the passport number
when the guy behind the counter tells me that I need to provide a work permit and a work certificate as well to update.

I try to explain to him that my APRC is independent of my work permit, but he refuses to help me unless I provide a work permit and certificate.
So I call the Taipei office and they tell me that I don’t need those to update unless my local office somehow managed to make my APRC work based.
Meaning my APRC is just as useless as my ARC and when I quit my job my APRC gets cancelled as well. :fume:

Now my questions:

  1. Am I right in not needing a work permit to keep/update my APRC?
  2. Can my APRC possibly be work based? I’ve never heard of this.
  3. Is this the time where I ask for the guy’s name or business card and tell him I’ll take up the case with the Taipei office?

I didn’t apply for an Open Work permit yet because I didn’t really need it so far. Should I go apply for one and then shove it in the guy’s face? :raspberry:

My current job can provide my with the permit and certificate, but I’ve worked hard for my APRC and am getting a bit tired of being pushed
around by NIA all the time. The whole application process has been very unpleasant. They’ve made things as difficult as possible at every turn
and there were numerous delays. The incompetence shown by the NIA staff has been mind numbingly frustrating and I should know.
I’m from South Africa and I’m very used to dealing with incompetent government officials.


Are you married?

I believe the “not needing a work permit to work” bit only applies to people married to ROC citizens.

If I understand this correctly, if you have an APRC and are not married, you can apply at the CLA yourself for an open work permit that is, as far as I understand it, automatically approved and granted, and which doesn’t expire.

I’ve never heard of a “work-based” APRC. In any case, you shouldn’t need to produce a work permit to renew your APRC. :unamused:

Chris is correct.

Why don’t you just get the open work permit? It’s a painless process.

skip the local NIA office and apply for the:

[button]Open Work Permit,Open-Work Permit Application Procedures - Step by step

Thanks for the reply guys. :slight_smile:

No, I am not married, but am I correct that you only need the work permit to actually work (which is covered by the Open Work Permit for APRC holders)?
I don’t need a work permit to update/keep my APRC, unlike the ARC which is tied to your work permit. So, my understanding is that the APRC is seperate
to your work permit and they cannot revoke your APRC if you don’t have a work permit, although you cannot work without a work permit.

The reason why I’m not applying for the Open Work Permit now is because I’m waiting for my APRC to be updated with my new passport number.
So, if I apply for the open work permit now, I’ll just have to go update again in 3 weeks when I get my APRC updated.

I think I’ll just go apply for the OWP on Monday with my old passport and when I go update my APRC i’ll make sure that my APRC is not tied my current work.

Maybe I’ll get my employer on the NIA official’s ass. My work is also getting tired of the constant stream of documentation that NIA is requesting.
The ladies in the office can be pretty good at working these government officials. :sunglasses:

Thanks again for the replies. The info on these forums have really been a life saver. :notworthy:

  1. There is no such thing as a employment-based APRC.

  2. There is no requirement for APRC holders to have a work-permit. You could be a house-husband, you could be independently wealthy, you could be retired and drawing a pension and not need to work.

  3. You do not need to show a work permit in order to renew your APRC. An APRC has nothing to do with employment.

  4. If you have an APRC, but no work permit, then you are not legally allowed to work. An APRC gives you the right to reside in Taiwan permanently, but doesn’t grant the holder the rights to work. Having an APRC and working without the Open-Work Permit is a no-no UNLESS you are married to a Taiwan national, but you should still have your Open-Work Permit if you have an APRC even if you are married to a Taiwan national because the APRC is individually based on yourself and not secured through your marriage like the JFRV ARC.

  5. If you have an APRC and you want to work, then you must get the Open-Work Permit. Everyone that has an APRC and works must have this in order to work legally and it’s automatically granted as long as you apply for it. I’ve never heard of an APRC holder being denied the Open-Work Permit since it’s required in order to work. JFRV ARC holders have no need to obtain the OWP because they automatically have open work rights based on being married to a Taiwan national. However, all APRC holders should have their own OWP in their own right even if they are married to a Taiwan national because the APRC card doesn’t indicate that you are married to a Taiwan national like the JFRV ARC which has your spouses name and id on the back of it

Clear as mud?

Thanks Northcoast Surfer. :slight_smile:

You replied just as I was writing my previous response so I saw it a bit too late.

That’s pretty much what I thought. I’ll go educate the NIA guy on Monday.

[quote=“nightcrawler”]Thanks Northcoast Surfer. :slight_smile:

You replied just as I was writing my previous response so I saw it a bit too late.

That’s pretty much what I thought. I’ll go educate the NIA guy on Monday.[/quote]
Which NIA office are you going to, BTW? I know from friends’ experience that some of the offices don’t deal with APRCs often, so some of them don’t really know the rules.

I’m from one of the more rural areas so I’m pretty sure they are not used to dealing with APRCs. One of the officials didn’t even know what an APRC was and they constantly have to consult their files to see what to do next.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they listened to me a bit more and didn’t constantly force me to get unnecessary documents. I try to explain to them that I know what’s going on but they are pretty stubborn.

It’s not only with my APRC though. I had the same problem with my ARC. I needed to update some information on my ARC and they refused to help me. The guy told me I can’t simply update my information and I have to re-apply for an ARC. He then insisted that I can’t do it by myself, and I have to ask my employer to come and do it for me (even though I had all the relevant documents with me).

So I’m not sure if they are just inexperienced, or if they are just trying to make life difficult for foreigners.

It’s OK. Soon I won’t have to deal with NIA ever again. :discodance: (At least not for the next 10 years)

Mmmm…that’s what I thought. Sorry to hear about that. I’ve been very lucky in my dealings with the NIA office in Taoyuan City. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Uh oh. I’m heading to Banqiao tomorrow to get a new APRC, because I’ve got a new passport - and until reading this I’d never even heard of the Open Work Permit. (Surprise surprise, I’m illegal again, despite trying to follow the rules.) Well, we’ll see what happens - but I’ll bring along all of Northcoast Surfer’s OWP information, and perhaps head to that office as well.

EDIT: Just what has happened with the original poster? As I’m reading these posts, you need your valid APRC (i.e. matching your valid passport) to get an Open Work Permit - but now your NIA office isn’t letting you get a valid APRC until you can show them the (unobtainable) valid Open Work Permit. How did this work out?