APRC club

WEll now Im an offical member of the club and Im wondering what U guys do here , Im pretty sure U dont teach. :laughing: what crap gig that is. But hey if its your bag then fair enough.

If ur not into sharing it here on the forum then please pm me to let me know as Im grabbing at thin air regarding finding smthing other than the classroom/ teaching / kid thing/ nightmare. They are drinving me up the wall with thier stupidity and I fear it is / has effected me after all these years facing such kind of people and the energy of lack of interest/ dont want to learn. Anyway I will shut up about that part …so if U could share smthing about ur own journey from teaching to another way …I’d be very grateful.

I surf. I’m retired. I traded in my JFRV for the APRC because I didn’t want to be at my wife’s mercy if or more likely when she decides to kick me to the curb! :roflmao:

Also, if I decide to work for myself or for someone else, I don’t need a work permit to do it. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club, and congratulations! :bravo:

Dear Surfer…

Wish I has the cash to be able to hang ten…or for that matter just hang. Looks like its a small club. U and me buddy and ur retired…!!

Any other posts would be great to hear from U.

Raja, what’s your background in? I know how tough teaching can be when you’ve burned out on it and it’s even tougher when you feel you need to be doing something else. The question is, do you KNOW what else you want to do?

I had a background in engineering but got caught in the teaching “trap” for a few years before realizing that the best way out of it would be to renew my credentials by getting an advanced degree. I spent two (actually it turned into three) years getting a master’s degree (I continued teaching the whole time) and was fortunate enough to make some contacts who set me up with two job interviews.

How is your Chinese? I’m not going to say it’s essential but it really helps for getting a leg up into jobs that don’t involve teaching. Have you browsed www.104.com.tw ? Aside from the companies seeking employees on those sites, you’ll also find headhunter agencies who may be more helpful by being able to set you up with the right kind of company for you.

I was doing a search on the term “permanent resident visa in Taiwan” and found this article from May of 2000. winklerpartners.com/files/to … idence.pdf

It is interesting from a historical perspective. And to show that change is possible.