APRC Eligibility for foreigners with Taiwanese parents

Hello Everyone,

I have been working in Taiwan for the past 5 years and I am beginning the process of applying for an APRC.

I was born and raised in a foreign country, therefore I have never had Taiwanese citizenship. However, the NIA has informed me that I am not eligible to apply for an APRC because my parents are Taiwanese.

Under Eligibility, it states that “(1) A foreigner who has legally and continuously resided in the State for five years and for more than one hundred and eighty-three days each year” are eligible for APRC.
Since I do not have Taiwanese citizenship, I believe I am not a ROC citizen, thus making me a foreigner. Am I missing something here?

Has anyone had a similar experience? And what was the solution?


The NIA seems to be saying that if your parents are both Taiwan nationals then you are too. Did you ask them for a passport?


Yes, but unfortunately I would need to give up my own passport in order to get the Taiwanese one.
We were just surprised that I am considered a Taiwanese, even though I am not an official Taiwan citizen.

No you won’t. If you are born to Taiwanese parents, you are already Taiwanese. Coming as a foreigner is a mistake that has wasted a lot of time, but not necessarily much harm done. You won’t lose your other citizenship because you are already officially Taiwanese. Switch to a TARC and get full rights after a year.

The requirement to renounce citizenship is for foreigners naturalising. You can’t naturalise, you’re already Taiwanese.

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Better check with your other country of citizenship what happens if you find out you are a dual-citizen before pursing this further. Some countries have some laws and regulations about what you need to do to keep both citizenships.

Or just keep quiet about it.

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Perhaps this is one of the rare circumstances being a national without a passport is considered a plus? Eg. germany and other backward countries, this might actually olay into your hand, sort of.