Aprc holders, self employment and labor insurance?

If I own a business in Taiwan and would like to apply for the labor insurance package, would it be best to remain on a JFRV or is it also available to APRC holders?

I would imagine it would also be available to APRC holders.
According to my understanding (and I may be wrong), if you’re not a citizen you need a local partner. Therefore it would stand to reason that your labour insurance could be gotten through your local partner if nothing else…

I guess if you are employed by your own company (being an official employee) than everything is done as with other jobs, you pay a part and the company pays a part … and the government does it’s part for premiums to be paid.

… but for that to be possible you only need to be a shareholder of said Inc. company and be registered as an employee, not?

SatTV, llary or someone like that (HeadhonchoII?) would be the best person to ask, but I think that’s correct.

Can’t comment on that.

I own my company outright in Taiwan and I pay labor/med insurance through a classification as an owner. To qualify for this, you have to be fully licensed. There is no ‘employee’ discount. I pay about 3600 NT per month for myself, wife and child.