APRC how to calculate the 183 days in Taiwan

hi, about APRC request, does the qualifying period to calculate the 183 days each year for five years starts from the date you first receive your ARC to the same date each following year or is enough the rule of at least 183 days in each of five calendar years after that ? In my case i got ARC July of 2015, if i calculate each period as from july to june following year i have to wait up to july 2021 because in the first year jul 2015 - jun 2016 i did not have 183 days in Taiwan, but if i do not count 2015 and follow calendar year rule from jan to dec starting from 2016 i would be eligible next week…i hope i can make myself clear, sorry

Just ask the immigration office, they know better than you. Every entrance and exit is filed.

I was thinking of that too. Could you also ask what happens if in one year, say Year 3, the 183 is not met, does the clock restart, or not?

Pretty sure it is 183 calendar days in a year, i.e. starting in July would not qualify that year and missing a year means resetting the clock back to zero.

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I’m with the posters above. Bring your passport to your local NIA office and ask. When you get the answer, come back and let us know.


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