APRC question

Before I search through the archives, (forgive me if this topic has been discussed) How hard is it for me to obtain an ARC or APRC if my father is a Taiwanese citizen?

First of all, a bit of my background:
(1) US citizen
(2) Previously lived in Taiwan for ~12-13 years with a Visitor Visa leaving the country every 6 months
(3) Father holds dual citizenship, US and Taiwanese

I did some research and it seems like things are looking good for me. First of all I’ve lived here for a long time since I was a kid and left every 6 months for a few days just to renew my visa. So that should work toward the 183 days / year. So I may have this requirement fulfilled.

Secondly, my father is a taiwanese citizen so I think I may get the APRC much more easily.

If anybody has any suggestions for me I’d appreciate them. I just recently been looking into this because I’m sick of working illegaly and want to pay taxes (unheard of, I know) and also spending money to travel every six months.

Alright, off to reading the archives… thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Immigration Law

Article 31

I’m afraid you appear to be an ROC citizen. Obviously if male you’ll have to do some pig poking.