APRC with Studying ARC



I have done some research and it looks like any ARC you get for study purpose doensn’t “lead” to APRC. So the time you have ARC for studyng purpose doesn’t concur to reach the 5 years needed to get the APRC. Is this correct? So the best way to get APRC is to set up a Rep Office since that is like a working visa. Is this right?


This is correct. You may consult Article 25 of the Immigration Act to read more on circumstances that cause you not to qualify for permanent residence.

I am not sure whether that is the best way, but it is a way.

Bear in mind that you will still need to meet the statutory requirements of both an ARC issued for this purpose as well an APRC five years later. Particularly the latter will require you to submit proof of income greater twice the minimum income. Generally speaking, that means you would need to declare close to 50,000 NT$ per month as income to the tax office to make sure you can get a tax statement to document your income. I am not sure whether the NIA would accept (foreign) account statements with income in that range instead of a tax statement. Your only way to avoid this would be to marry a local at some point before you apply for permanent residence.

Also, keep in mind that there will be expense related to setting up your corporate structure and maintaining it, too.



well about the last point for what I know gaining twice the minimum amount is required only for the LAST year of work. So during the other 4 years salary can be lower. Unless theaw didn’t change but I didn’t find it anywhere. Someone knows more about this specific detail?


You will need around twice the minimum wage as monthly salary in order to get the work permit, which allows you to get an ARC. So technically, you will also need to declare and potentially back up this salary every time you renew your work permit/ARC. I don’t remember if they check though.


Actually what I just typed might not apply if you are the head of a rep office…


I think I saw somewhere that the minimum income for the head of a rep office is the same with locals.


Yes, that is correct. The associated income tax responsibility even for a single year is nevertheless an expense you need to factor in. Due to the timing of tax returns not following the calendar year, you might need to plan for a two year period actually.