Aquapets trade show coming up

Just thought I put the link here if anyone is interested in going to this.

It’ll be at the WTC July 16-19. You can get coupons at most vets and pet stores for half off admission, or you can print up the flier and bring a business card to get in for free.

I take my dog to this every year and he loves it. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends, so it might be difficult for your dog to walk comfortably if you decide to go then, though.

I realize expecting much out of the English content is dumb, but I don’t see anything on there relating to the “Aqua” part of the name.
It looks like all dog stuff.

Not that I don’t like “dags”…

I know, it’s kinda strange. I think, though, that the original show featured stuff for every kind of pet, but as the years go on, they’ve realized the dog stuff is the most wanted. I seem to remember that the poster for the first show had a lot of fish on it.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up.
My girlies are well into the whole fishy thing recently but they wouldn’t have much time for a dog show.