Aquiring a credit card in Taiwan

What are the requirements?

Can you use the number you can get from the FAP to open a bank acount to also obtain credit?


This has been discussed many, many times. Yes you can use the number. If you don’t have a guarantor, you will probably have trouble getting one. You may have better luck applying for a Mastercard.

Well, with the way things are sounding with your relationship, I would recommend not applying for a credit card with Chinatrust or Citibank, neither of which require a Taiwan guaranteer (sp?). Make sure you have an ARC and have your girlfriend help you fill out an application for a credit card from any of Taiwan’s other banks, ones that require guaranteers. If you ditch the country, guess who has to pay the bill? :smiling_imp: (Don’t forget to break in your card with a nice new bag from Louis Vuitton for your sweetheart.:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: )