Arachnida of Taiwan

Finley had a good point, we need a good arachnid topic here as Taiwan has some seriously cool species here and the island is very understudied.

Post pics, thoughts, projects etc. Most of my pictures are o computer, so will post some later

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I used to hate spiders, and probably I still dislike their proximity especially if inadvertent, but I have to say that I’m happy to have this jumping flatmate. I will post some others species soon.


Oh I have at least three jumping spiders as roommates. They don’t pay rent but they keep the place bug free and that’s good enough for me.

What are those reallyhuge black and yellow banded spiders you’ll see up in the mountains?

Ya, jumping spiders are amazing, Taiwan has some electric neon colored ones as well, always finding new species it seems.

The orb weaver you see in mountains is usually Nephila pilipes

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they’re my bros!


I think most of the spiders we see day to day are actually female, since female insects and arachnids are usually the bigger ones, and some eat their mate once the act is completed. Heh heh heh…bugs and spiders really got shit figured out.

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Female ones look fatter…


Anyone seen a scorpion here I heard they have one variety ?

Apparently mine are either lazy or overloaded.

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The gecko I had for a while did the best job as far as housekeeping goes.


I took a stray gecko home. I hope it wasn’t eaten by any overgrown roach (never saw it again).

Yes, Liocheles australasiae. Quite small. Usually in wood.cracks, bark etc. They also reproduce without males. They went beyond eating men and skipped right to not needing.them all together.



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I’d like a gecko. They just sort of turn up in the Philippines, sometimes in twos and threes, but I’ve never even seen one here. I’ve just got one of those little two-inch lizardy things. What are they called?


My humble abode is home to dozens of spiders. Currently there is a colony on top of my cooking area…meaning I ain’t cooking much. My main concern is how big they are going to get.

If it makes you feel better they don’t really do the colony thing Probably just lots of food around. This time of year we see lots of those giant huntsman spiders, but they are great roach eaters if not that big. Last year we did some.experiments with single.huntsman and cockroaches in 5 liter jars Interestingly, the spiders are more afraid of the roach after a certain size. Guess they realize how easily their legs fall off…

not a spider, but I guess this counts. I think it is a vinegaroon…

And this is the longest legs I’ve seen on a long legged spider for a long time


That one’s technically not a spider either… it’s known as a harvestman. or daddy-long-legs, in some places. spiders have two body compartments, harvestmen have only one… and insects have three, BTW.