ARC after Visa Runs - Due Taxes?

Hello everyone,

Since early 2018 I am in Taiwan doing visa runs, mainly living off saving but also doing online freelancing work. Mainly customers from the US and Australia, maybe 900 USD per month, money went to my overseas bank account. This year I found a local teaching job and got a legit ARC with work permit. I thought everything is fine now, but when I read up on some other threads I went into panic mode.

As I understand it, after reading through a lot of threads:
a) when I file my taxes for teaching next year in may for this year, the tax office will probably ask me how I supported myself during my visa run time
b) if I file my freelance earnings there is a high risk of being deported because I only have the work permit for teaching

I thought foreign earned income is excluded below a certain threshold (1M NT), and for sure I did not know the tax office would check my entry/exit history once I go legit. But now that I know it is too late and I am in this situation. I absolutely love Taiwan and want to stay here.

What is the best way to go about it ?
How would you deal with this situation ?

Yes, that is quite possible.

I haven’t been in this situation myself, but based on other accounts, the tax office is usually happy as long as you report your taxes and doesn’t communicate with the immigration office.

thank you for the fast reply,

I read that the COL will double check with your tax reported by your school and check if it matches and if not revoke your next ARC work permit. You know something about that and how likely it is ? The difference would be quite noticeable (~50%)
Thanks again, much appreciated bro

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