ARC and agents

I’m wondering if anyone has expereince with this they would be willing to share…

I know that there are agents who find jobs for people and schools but the ARC that they have is registered with the agent not with the school. So is it possible that a school could go through an agent to find ARC’s for their teachers but still hire the teachers by themselves and pay the teachers by themselves and simply pay the agent a fee for helping hold the ARCs?

Thanks for any help in advance

The first job FT I had when I came to Taiwan was unknowingly through an agent. (I applied to an ad thinking it was a school, but it was actually an agent - ignorance on my part). Anyway, the ARC that I got was registered to the school not the agent, even though my pay came from the agent. Not sure if that helps.

That’s strange.

I’m sure I worked at a buxiban before that hired teachers normally but paid an agent to organize and hold their visas because the school couldn’t get enough. I can’t get hold of my old boss and wanted to see if anyone had experience of this.

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