ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages

++ Work ARC to Work APRC: no stay limitations. Can apply after 5 years residency (183 years) continuous (maybe if married also the 10 year rule above, I’m clarifying this). But no open work permit, so need to apply for work permit when changing jobs.

I thought if you get an APRC through work ARC (ie. 5 years, 183 days), you can apply for an open-work permit?

  • Marriage ARC: has work right. no need of any kind of work permit.
  • Work ARC: you need a work permit to get this ARC. In addition, you cannot work at other places, unless you are a spouse of a ROC citizen.

Open work permit is mostly for APRC people who are not spouses of ROC citizens.

I think that is why non married people get APRC in most cases. It gives them independence from their employers.

that is why married people get APRC. It gives them independence from their spouses.


I am trying to wrap my head around the application categories for this new gold card for foreign professionals. Has anyone looked at this card and the requirements?

I have a family friend who is interested, and definitely qualifies in the financial aspect (160K+ NT / month) I am just not sure how to figure out which category he fits into, in that he has had a varied career. ( Is there an “other” category?)

Hello, I am a dentist/professor of dentistry from California, my wife is Taiwanese. We are planning on moving back here to Taiwan(we are here now visiting). I have been reading multiple threads and see a number of acronyms and can’t seem to find the meaning…would someone be so kind as to help me?
Gold Card
I am contemplating on opening an Booshiban(I know my transliteration spelling is atrocious!)

It does appear that navigating the legal/immigration system may be a little daunting

Thank you in advance


ARC: Alien Resident Certificates
This is what you need to get after you get any kind of residents visa.
Visa: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)
Arc: National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. (Taiwan)-How does a foreigner renew or apply for an ARC?(Serial No. 0902)

APRC: Alien Permanent Resident Certificates
Basically, after 5 years on ARC.

Gold Card: Employment Gold Card Permits for Foreign Special Professionals

getting a marriage based ARC would be the easiest way for that, imo.


There’s an extensive thread at "Employment gold card" for some foreigners

Essentially, there is no ‘other’ category (unless one of the ministries announces an entirely new field for everyone just to get your friend in), and applicants are required to select which (single) ministry will process the application.

The process is very document-driven. Which set of evidentiary documents best represent your friend as a talent? Match that up with one of the categories and submit.

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Thank you for the speedy reply… very kind of you!

Thanks for the link to the thread - it was a very informative read.

Yeah those are the two problems I see with OP’s post. The reason I’m not interested in APRC is that you actually lose some privileges if you get it as far as I understand. No 183 day limit for spouse ARC but not dependent on spouse with APRC. I’m not super tied to Taiwan so leaving in case of divorce is not a big deal.

As for the 6 month incubation period, I have a source for that:

I’m not sure where, but I think I saw a 10 day absence limit during this 6 month period.

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Dear @yyy or other admin: would it be possible to allow me editing of the first post again, so that I can update it with all the valuable info and corrections on this thread?

Thanks a lot again, @tando. So… in case a foreigner married to an ROC citizen with household registration in Taiwan get an APRC based on their work ARC, they effectively also have the same advantages as an open work permit? Do you know if that work APRC will also somehow mention this?

If that’s the case, then for me (married as above) I guess work APRC is the best way (can work at will like marriage APRC, but no need to stay 183 days in Taiwan like marriage APRC). Or maybe the gold card APRC would be even better… still checking the details ^^

Iiuc, an A§RC holder based on any reason does can work as locals do, without a (open) work permit, when the person is a spouse of an ROC citizen. I think there is no description on the A§RC except for marriage based ARC, though.

An APRC holder who is not a spouse of an ROC citizens can work as locals or spouses of citizens do, by getting an open work permit.

If you get your APRC through work ARC and you are a spouse of a citizen, you don’t need an open work permit, because you have a work right as a spouse of a citizen. In case of a divorce after getting your APRC, you can work as same by getting an open work permit.

Imo, if you can get an APRC through work based ARC, there is not much reason to get it through marriage based ARC.

yes through spouse and it takes 6 months !

OK, called the senior colleague that the NIA people told me:

  • The “5 out of 10 years” rule indeed means any 5 years out of the 10, don’t need to be consecutive

  • The “5 out of 10 years” rule only applies to marriage based ARC/APRC

  • You can not, just because of being married, get a work or gold card based APRC using this rule - these cases need to have 5 consecutive years of residence

  • The “> 183 days per year in Taiwan” rule for marriage APRC will indeed not be affected by the upcoming law amendments. They only affect the work APRC.

  • Gold card ARC holders indeed can apply for a gold card APRC after 5 consecutive years of residence

I guess I’ll just wait the 5 years then… knowing that I can always change to the work based APRC if necessary (my employer going belly up or whatever). In parallel, if the gold card residence requirement is reduced to 3 years, I might go that way.

Is there a difference between a gold card APRC vs a normal APRC?

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Maybe some rights of their dependents?

That’s interesting - didn’t know there was a gold card APRC.

There is no “Normal” APRC I think. As far as I understand, the type of APRC depends on the type of ARC that you hold when you apply for the APRC.

So, …

  • If you have an “Employment Gold Card” ARC while you apply for APRC, then you’ll get an “Employment Gold Card” APRC

  • If you have a “marriage based” ARC while you apply for APRC, then you’ll get a “marriage based” APRC

  • If you have a “work based” ARC while you apply for APRC, then you’ll get a “work based” APRC

The advantages and disadvantages of each I am trying to figure out currently. As mentioned in the first post, it seems to me Gold card APRC > work based APRC > marriage based APRC.

Taking the work based APRC as base line, the marriage based APRC has the drawback of needing to stay > 183 days in TW or you may lose it (unless you are granted up to 2 years out of Taiwan after applying). But the marriage based APRC is easier to get, not needing 5 consecutive years of residence, but 5 arbitrary years within the last 10 years.

As far as I can tell, the gold card APRC gives some additional perks (for dependants and parents/grandparents) over the other two, while having no drawbacks. Additionally, maybe in the future gold card ARC holders can apply for an APRC after 3 years residency already.

Fingers crossed this passes in the legislature soon.

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As I have been saying. Crap.

Been trying to make that point for a while, but it is ambiguous from just reading the Law. The reality is , after going myself , getting the NIA office to call Taipei for verification , along with quite a few similar stories, there is no “written” verification. Just seems that , as you say , it does not apply to marriage based APRC’s. ( In spite of the Law saying …in the future APRC’s blah blah)