ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages


Work APRC holders pretty much


That has already passed. I think this is something new.


There is hope, at last!


I sincerely hope so . That was a large oversight .


Looking into it – please stand by.

The part about “183 years” should probably also be changed. :grandpa:

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Thank you. And you’re right, after 183 years probably you’d have good chances for naturalization :joy:


Just back from NIA, got one new (?) detail: It seems that to use the “5 arbitrary out of the last 10 years” rule above, one must have had residency for the whole 10 years. One clerk mentioned there can be a 2 year gap somewhere, but that was not backed up by any regulations.

So in my case, where I have been out of Taiwan for 5 complete years (without ARC/residency during that time), I could not use this 10 year rule.

PS: I feel very silly for not having spotted that earlier, since it’s written quite clearly in the rules here:

… unless that was just changed recently, maybe only in that English version linked above, which is currently dated February 26, 2019)

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Can you get a marriage APRC through gay stable union?


Can one party be a foreigner under the new law?

It seems foreign same sex spouses, coming from a country where same sax marriage is valid, will get the same rights.

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Today NIA`s southern division told me that as a Gold Card holder work permit is still need to be obtained. I am not sure at this moment what that exactly means but trying to figure it out.


Is it possible to do 5 years on marriage ARC, get hired for a month and switch to work ARC, then apply for work APRC? Or same trick with the gold card?


Do us a favour. Ask your question to NIA, then post the answer.

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some people say it is possible, but many people say it is a start over.

I will ask at NIA when I renew my ARC next time, if I remember.

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So today I have been consulting both with NIA - Employment Gold card representative (over the phone) and with my local representative (in person) and the conclusion is that actually the employment gold card is not so beneficial in all cases. If you already have a work ARC - that is the situation in my case - then in my opinion (also as suggested by NIA) you should not bother applying for the gold card since:

  • you can anytime apply for 2 x 6 months extension if your contract is terminated or you decide to leave your company which means you basically have one year to find another job. The extension is free until the expiry date of your original ARC.
  • the total difference between application fees could be over 10k NTD based on your nationality (For US citizens the gold card application fee is higher). You have to pay GC application fee to NIA, then VISA application fee also for NIA also for MOL for the work permit.
  • if your gold card is expired then your employer anyways has to apply for the work permit and you have to obtain an ARC after that (if you are under 5 years of stay in total, if you are over that then you may transfer to APRC).
  • the process of applying for the ARC is much more simple and quicker than in case of the GC.
  • If your GC is revoked and you do not immediately switch to ARC your years of stay will be set to 0.

Of course the money considering the fact that its for 3 years in my opinion is not a big deal but the process is actually, as mentioned above - according to the explanation of NIA - more complicated in case of the ARC.

Off the record they also mentioned that after 5 years of residency (where each year you stayed in the country for more than 183 days) if you wish to apply for APRC the process might be more complicated and troublesome then in case of being on ARC for 5 years. Since the act is implemented a bit more than a year ago no GC holders ever applied for APRC so lawmakers haven`t provided any guidelines for such cases yet.

After knowing all these facts I think I am going to revoke my gold card application (its already passed 2 decision making departments) because after its accepted there is no way back they`re going to revoke your ARC.

Bottom line: If you are already in Taiwan + you hold an ARC (or you have a job offer before coming here with a work permit) you are suggested to to keep in that way and if you need to search for a new job you will have one year for it with the extensions.
If you`re outside of Taiwan and/or you are freelancer or self-employed or doing a research then Gold Card is a good choice (you will be however be enrolled to the NHI only after half year of continuous stay in the island so some kind of insurance is advisory).

Also I suggest to also consult with your local representative/NIA + NIA Head office first to make sure you will pick the most beneficial option for yourself. They`re very helpful.
I hope this helps, good luck everyone!

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