ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages


Work APRC holders pretty much


That has already passed. I think this is something new.


There is hope, at last!


I sincerely hope so . That was a large oversight .


Looking into it – please stand by.

The part about “183 years” should probably also be changed. :grandpa:


Thank you. And you’re right, after 183 years probably you’d have good chances for naturalization :joy:


Just back from NIA, got one new (?) detail: It seems that to use the “5 arbitrary out of the last 10 years” rule above, one must have had residency for the whole 10 years. One clerk mentioned there can be a 2 year gap somewhere, but that was not backed up by any regulations.

So in my case, where I have been out of Taiwan for 5 complete years (without ARC/residency during that time), I could not use this 10 year rule.

PS: I feel very silly for not having spotted that earlier, since it’s written quite clearly in the rules here:

… unless that was just changed recently, maybe only in that English version linked above, which is currently dated February 26, 2019)


Can you get a marriage APRC through gay stable union?


Can one party be a foreigner under the new law?

It seems foreign same sex spouses, coming from a country where same sax marriage is valid, will get the same rights.