ARC cancellation and grace period

I’ve done some searches but couldn’t find anything pertaining to the exact info I’m after…please help!
I’m planning on quitting my job, and I was wondering how much time after I quit I can have to travel in Taiwan before I have to leave the country. I was intending to give a month’s notice at work - if I do this, do you think I’d have to get out on or around the day I finish? Or would it be possible to travel for a week or so after my finishing date? I thought that would be ok as I’ve heard about a grace period of 10-14 days - but now I’m worried that isn’t the case.
Any advice much appreciated, cheers!

The NIA gives you a 10-day grace period after they get notice to cancel your ARC.

So would that be from the point my notice ends, or from the point I hand in my notice?

It would be from the point that the NIA informs you that it has cancelled your ARC. It won’t do that until your boss informs it that you no longer work for him.

So I should be clear to give a month’s notice, work the month out, then travel for a week before I fly out? Sorry, just want to be clear about this.

I would have thought so. If you work the full month’s notice (which is a lot longer than the notice required under the Labor Standards Law) you should be leaving on reasonable terms with your boss, right? So why not just ask him when he’s going to inform the NIA. That would be the surest way to set your mind at rest.

Basically, work permits and ARCs are issued by different departments of the government. Your boss will cancel your work permit with the Department of Labor Affairs. They will then send a letter to the NIA, which issues your ARC, telling them to cancel your ARC. From that point, you have 10-days to either leave or to apply for a new ARC.

Really? I always understood that the 10-day period begins when you receive a letter from the NIA.

@ Sandman: well, I’ll be breaking a countract so I don’t expect that we’ll be on good terms, unfortunately. I wanted to give a month’s notice so that I wouldn’t be totally screwing them, but now I’m worried I won’t be able to travel with a friend who’s coming to Taiwan at that time (this will be end Feb 2011). Basically I want to quit, work the final 4 weeks, travel for a week then leave.

Don’t count on actually receiving a “Notice of Cancellation”. When you actually give notive that you are going to break the contract, they may cancel at anytime they feel convenient. It may be the very same day that you give notice. My guess is that they will give notice as soon as they are assured to have a replacement for your classes. If it were me, I wouldn’t pre-pay transportation or hotels. I would also be in constant contact with immigration. Friends have had their work permit cancelled without notice and been fined when they tried to leave the country. It’s 10 days from the date of the government receiving cancellation.
As an aside, in way of explanation, my first year here, my boss gave me 5 days notice in contravention of our contract. I walked that hour. What my boss didn’t know is that 2 of my private students were the head of Immigration and his/her 2d in command. I never got a notice. When I found another job about 2 weeks later, I found out that I had overstayed and had to leave. I went to my student’s office at then the FAP and explained. They simply changed the computer record. However, when I decided not to take the new job and moved to Taipei, I was quickly informed that I was F***ed. I had a hefty fine to pay and got a nastygram in my passport. After I explained the situation, the fine was halved but I still had to go to HK. First, don’t break the contract. second, don’t overstay, third make a friend at immigration.