ARC cancellation--How Long?

Can someone please tell me how long it takes for your ARC to be cancelled ie if a school called the proper authorities to say, “he doesn’t work for us anymore, please cancel his ARC”, would this be affective the day of?

I have heard anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks and am having trouble finding this information.

Do the police or anyone inform you if your ARC has been cancelled. or can a school just cancel it without you knowing? I think I have heard of this happening before.

How do you know if you have to leave the country? Is the residency Visa cancelled along with the ARC?

I need help, please… I am getting 2 different answers everywhere I look!

The last I heard was 3 days, and you have 10 days to leave the country.

The problem is the only answers I keep getting are what people think or what they have heard, is there anywhere to find this information in English from a source that actually KNOWS?

AFAIK, there is nothing in English which provides this information. My work permit was recently cancelled and believe you me, I did some heavy searching and pracically camped out at Foreign Affairs to no avail. FA told me that they would give me 10 days written notice once they received the information from the MOE (or whoever). For three weeks I was as regular a clockwork in showing up to see if they had received notification of my cancellation as my previous employer would not confirm anything with me. Each time I showed up there they told me not to worry, I would have 10 days notice, in writing, which would allow me to make a Visa run. The last time I went there they said hello, asked me how I was than then informed me that "oh, by the way"I had to be out of the country by the next day!

When I told them that they has promised over and over again to give me written notice the two people in the office proceeded to give me a copy of the letter of notification. “So sorry, it never reached you because we sent it to your old employer”! Why not to me? They didn’t think it was neccesary!

So, yes, your residence certificate is cancelled. Unless you have a new employer who is literally in the process of applying for your work permit (and it must have already reached the right office), you must leave the country. Best to do it immediately and save yourself some BIG headaches!


in theory, haven’t the laws changed and now you can switch employers on your ARC without cancelling it?

in taiwan, the bureaucrats come first. it may be difficult to get a straight answer. different bureaux will give confliciting directives. soak it in, savour it- such is taiwan.

yeah, you are right- no one knows anything. the rules change quick and with little fanfare. once you get settled and established, all the visa run hassles fade awayand you can find new problewms to wrestle with.

good luck and please keep us posted of your adventures in bureaucracy.

Thanks very much for the info, my ARC has not yet been cancelled and I do have an employer sort of lined up, but they don’t understand the new laws concerning work permits, and they think that my residency visa is good no matter what happens to my ARC!

So I should be given ten days notice, but they will probably send it to my ex-employer and I won’t be informed-good to know.

Ah the vindictivness…

Where’s the closest place to make a visa run ? Another thread on this Forum suggested that you don’t have to leave Taiwan to get a visa extention–I didn’t understand all the abbreviations though-- does anyone know more about that?
Thanks for your help

Well, as far as I know…

If you’re a foreign national, you arrive on a visitor’s visa. If you get a work permit and ARC from a teaching job, you don’t actually get a resident visa. It’s the ARC that allows you to reside in Taiwan for an extended period of time. One of the standard procedures of giving a foreigner an ARC is that your visitor’s visa gets cancelled. Nixed.

Therefore, if your ARC gets cancelled, you have no choice but to make a visa run. To get a new visitor’s visa, of course.