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Having recently found out that my employer had cancelled my work visa without telling me I have had to go through the anxiety of possibly overstaying my visa. I went online at the time to get advice from message boards such as the one here, yet I found conflicting reports as to what would be the repercussions. Below are my personal experiences that I hope will be helpful to others.

I resigned my position with my previous employer (Jordan

Useful warning. Thanks.

good story.

When dealing with bureaucracy, feeling “done by” because a problem was not your fault but you had to suffer for it is one of the by-products. Frustrating, but a fact of life.
What is most interesting about this story is why Jordan’s would cancel your work permit so rapidly. This shows a dedication to action that most employers lack. Even getting the necessary paperwork from the government for a person they want to employ can be like pulling teeth. That a company would be so energetic in getting an employee off the books is rare.
A little over 10 years ago I know that there was the situation where certain enterprises could only qualify for a limited number of work permits for foreigners; therefore, if a worker left, it behooved the company to cancel the work permit as soon as practicable to pave the way for a new worker to take that slot.
Still, what did Jordan’s say about their extreme efficiency in canceling your work permit?
Also, I believe that the letter of the law states that the employer is bound to cancel the work permit of an employee that leaves the company within a certain time (10 days?). Most companies don’t bother with this, but strictly speaking, Jordan’s was in the right for what they did, although they could have been more forthcoming about it.

I think that I have been my worst enemy in regards to getting the school to react quickly to my situation. I was fully aware that the administration at the school that I worked weren

Jordans Schools especially in the south of Taiwan are terrible to work for the often rob teachers of their salary and trick them into deposits etc…


Although it is not “ethical” in the US, I am coming around to hte idea of always carrying one of those miniature digital recorders to any meeting with management of any organization. I’m told that this kind of evidence is even admissible in court (including phone recordings of this kind) even if the other party does not know a recording is being made, but I’m not absolutely certain about this.

Anyway, I have a VERY amusing tape of my former boss at Far E*st Book Company telling me how great my work was, how he would be willing to give me a reference letter, etc. etc. In the end I decided not to sue the guy (although he deserved it for a major breach of contract) but I have yet to receive the promised letter (naturally). At least it’s a souvenir (along with the nine, count them, NINE written notices of “termination” he sent me via various means.)

I am starting to think that way too.

Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think of secretly recording vs openly placing the thing on the desk?

I’m in favour of the latter, and saying something like “I just want to be sure when I get home that I don’t misremember what we agree. I’ve had problems in the past where I thought someone said something and it turned out they said something completely different.”? (This after having to insist that my ex-boss dig out the document they insisted I signed, and had notarized, when I left to remind them of the agreement we had made.)

Someone else suggested refusing to have face to face meetings, and only communicating by email so that everything is written down in black and white. I still have all the BS that IACC used to send me, but never got my money, so I don’t know what the value of it would be.

So that’s where those idiots went.

Aristotle and the crew all there spouting garbage.

So that’s where those idiots went.

Aristotle and the crew all there spouting garbage.[/quote]

I was recently pointed to Forumosa. The discourse at Dave’s has become rather empty of late. Things seem much livelier here.

Since I participated in the referenced thread (as the voice of reason, I hope it will be seen), I thought I might as well use this thread as an opportunity to solicit a warm welcome from the regulars. :blush:

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