ARC card but going to get divorce

just got my 1 year arc card in march and do i have to leave tw immediately if file a divorce?

What’s the ARC purpose? JFRV for a married person or work? If it’s a work ARC then you can stay, if it’s JFRV and there are no kids as dependants it will be cancelled but as I know you can ask for a 6 month open extension to find work to stay.

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Not sure if this is true if getting divorced. Last time I checked they said you have ten days to leave the country. Might be different now though. OP should check first


Check with immigration, for many classes of visa (not sure about family one) you can get a 6 month extension. They change the ARC class to let you look for work or travel. I’d ask before things hit the fan.

i think better not sign for divorce yet ! i got so many stuffs already shipped from uk and already settled down here !

I’m curious, you got married in around March?

got married in hong kong in 2018! huge mistake by living close to in law family, Asian parents got too much influence around. if i live here with just a suitcase or a backpack? i be gone asap