ARC Criminal Check



Sorry to post another question about the ARC Criminal Check, but I’ve called the hotline…etc…etc… and no none seems to know. I have been working in Taipei for a little over a year and now want to switch jobs. My new school isn’t sure if I need the criminal check for the new work permit since I have a current ARC. If I do have to apply for one in the US is there anyone out there with the joy of that experience?
Again, sorry if the answer to this has already been posted…but any help is greatly appreciated.


When you say school, you mean buxiban, right? Because if it’s a non-buxiban, you shouldn’t need the check unless the employer wants it.

There are reports from Americans in some threads, such as this one:


Yes it’s a buxi. Thanks for the reply.


Yes, the new law requires a criminal background check for new ARC’s. I’m not sure about those with existing ARC’s but I just went through this process with the school I have started working with.

I used this service to get mine completed: The problem is that they require fingerprints to complete the check. I had mine done before I left for Taiwan just to be safe.

You may need to contact the FBI in order to figure out how to complete this check via another country. I would first check with the labor department here in Taipei to see if getting the background check is even necessary to begin with.

Good luck!!


Applying for a ARC Criminal check is quite easy. for most states in the US, one can be completed online. If you would like any further information, please contact International Notarization Company at They can assist you with questions regarding this matter, as well as information on how to authenticate your ARC criminal check.