ARC Extension

Hi Everyone. I applied for a renewal of my work permit six days ago. My ARC expires on October 21. I’m requesting an extension as a manager of a representative office.

I know that the official line is that it takes 12 days to process a work permit. Also, in my past experience, it takes 14 days to get a ARC card from Immigration. This is going to be very close to my expiration date and I don’t want my ARC to expire for obvious reasons.

I searched the forums and it seems that I can get a 30-day extension of my ARC, if needed. For example, if I get my work permit in the next several days and apply for the renewal of the ARC, but the process of the getting the ARC is over the expiration date of the ARC, do I need to be concerned? In other words, once I apply for the ARC extension, am I safe or do I need to get an extension to cover me until the ARC is approved and the card is read to be picked up?

Thank you. :slight_smile: