ARC for parent?


I have an ARC because I am married to a Taiwanese. We have a son. I don’t have a job based in Taiwan. I want to divorce my insane wife. Do I have any rights to remain in Taiwan based on my son? Do I need to change to some other type of ARC?


The short answer is yes, if your son is under 18 as I know immigration will let you stay if you are taking care of him.
I don’t know the specific law, perhaps @yyy will be around later , he seems to be well read on that sort of thing.


I doubt the wife will give the son to be under his care


You get a JFRV with your son as your sponsor.

Best not to describe your wife negatively, even anonymously.


Actually, this alien’s area of interest is labor law. @tando probably knows more about family law.


the thread below is titled “visa run”, but on a similar situation, and we talked on ARC.

Article 31 of Immigration Act maybe says on this situation.


Thanks guys. I think APRC is not revoked even if you get divorced, so possibly the simplest thing would be to upgrade it to that (I never bothered before because I’m an optimist and always hoped to leave before extending the ARC every year…)


Yes. Do it immediately.