ARC Relocation


I am working at a school for 3 months now, I have a ARC and the expiry date is for next year June. The school did all the paperwork for the application and I’ve paid NT$1000 for the ARC.

The problem is, they are breaking the rules of the contract and threaten me by saying that they will deport me if I leave so that I cannot return to the ROC for 2 years.

Is it possible to stay in Taiwan and work at another school with the same ARC by changing it or what must I do.

Please help me.

From what I understand, if you are on a work visa, your ARC expires as soon as your company/school reports that they have terminated your employment. Your best option is to try and find another company/school that will provide you with a new work permit. I believe it is possible to keep or extend your current ARC as long as you have a valid work permit. In other words, if your new employer can/will provide you with a new work permit upon the termination of your current work permit, you should be able to keep the ARC. You will have to undergo the same work visa application process, however.

From what I uderstand you may have some problems if you break your contract: your school may report you to your local department of education and blacklist you. This means you will then not be able to work in Taiwan for 1 year.

Also, I have heard that there is a new requirement now if you wish to transfer to another school, even if you have completed your contract. Your old school has to provide you with a letter stating that they will ‘allow’ you to transfer to a new school.

This will of course not be provided, so that means a visa run to Hong Kong, and go through the whole process again!

Does anyone have any feedback on this


Regarding “the letter stating that they will allow you to transfer to a new school,” or so-called “release letter” -----

this requirement is actually not specified in the relevant laws, so it seems to be something that the local Departments of Education are adding on to the existing work permit application requirements.

Technically speaking, that is illegal.

Have any other people run into this problem. I would be very interested in doing a test case on this to get the entire procedure relaxed or cancelled.