ARC Transfer and Visa runs

I’m busy changing schools, and was would like to know: If I’m busy having an ARC transferred, and my previous one expires before I receive my new one. Would i need to do a visa run even though the paperwork for the new ARC is busy being processed?

ARCs aren’t transfered anymore. You meerly take it down to the FAP with all the paperwork from your new school and they will add it to the back… takes about 20 minutes (after the 2 hour wait for your number.) You can have more than one school on your ARC and once you have another school on it, you are allowed to quit the school that actually issued it without going through the hassle of completely re-applying and starting from scratch.

Hi, thanks for advice. That means my new school is full of bs. They told me there would be 2 week waiting period and that they deducting NT500 from my salary as "document processing fee!! Is that legal?