Are Brussels sprouts available in Taiwan?

The Chinese name is 抱子甘藍 (俗稱小洋白菜、小圓白菜、小捲心菜、小椰菜). I’ve been here for almost 10 years, and so far I’ve never seen these in any of the grocery stores. Wondering if anyone knows if they’re available or not.


mail order from Brussels, perhaps?


They are not, only imorted (Costco) or frozen at some specialty food importers. Frozen are good, better then fresh … supposedly. As they are picked, cleaned, frozen … fresh import has a longer way to go to the stove. I had them frozen, had frozen kale and green cabbage too.

Thanks, I’m actually headed to Costco tomorrow, so I’ll see if they have them. I know Hong Kong’s City Super had them in the past, so I was kind of hoping they’d made it here. Not really fond of frozen vegetables at all, though, so maybe will just give up if I can’t locate fresh ones. Funny how a vegetable I loathed as a child is one I miss as an adult.

I picked up some fresh Brussel sprouts at Neihu Costco one week ago, very nice. Carrefour has them canned, and I got some from PNP (I can’t recall if they were frozen or just refrigerated, the latter I think) a year ago or so. Those are the only sources I know of. Fresh is best of course.

baked, in a 1/4 cup red miso and rice wine mix, with pepper, chopped bacon, and parmesan sprinkle.

baked, with a tapenade of kalamatas olives, anchovy, pine nuts, and chopped fresh basil, with the occasional splash of ouzo or gin for flavour and moisture while cooking.

I was able to get some at Costco in Zhong He today, thanks for letting me know they’d started carrying them. Two pounds for NT289, and I will make them like this: cook them in chicken broth loaded with fresh garlic until they’re tender, drain off the broth, slather them with butter, and eat. Yup, fattening they are, but so very yummy this way.

That sounds quite good. They’re not actually fattening that way IMO. They’re still primarily healthy vegetables. As long as you really reduce your saturated fat elsewhere, it’s ok to add a little butter occasionally to veggies. BTW I also cook mine by boiling in water or broth, then finish them by sauteeing in a pan with a little butter and olive oil mixed, and a touch of salt. I top with almond slices sauteed in the same mix of oils.

You might want to look out for 娃娃菜 wawa tsai (English name - Baby Chinese Cabbage ???). Tasted very nutritious, available Jan-Mar in Fuxing area, Taoyuan.
Not exactly brussel sprouts, but a worthy winter vegetable.

I was just over at 全聯 to get some veggies for the soup I’m making, and I saw the local version of Brussels sprouts, called 芽甘藍. They aren’t as tightly wrapped as the Brussels sprouts I’m used to, but I wonder if they taste the same? I’ll try them next time, but first I have to eat the 2 pounds I got at Costco.

Where to get frozen Brussels sprouts?

Just bought a bag of fresh sprouts at the Costco in Neihu.

I got 2, but thinking about longer term.

Buy 20 in that case.

and an extra freezer.

I bought a big bag of, presumably, American brussels in Costco a couple of days ago and then I went to Carrefour today and they’re selling Taiwanese brussels. They come in handy little 36NT packs. Aren’t as uniform as the American ones, but that’s probably a good thing.

They are not the same, they look like Brussels but aren’t. It’s difficult to grow here as you need to have a freezing period before harvest to have them at their best.

“Brussels sprouts grow in temperature ranges of 7–24 °C (45–75 °F), with highest yields at 15–18 °C (59–64 °F)”

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Really? They look just like the really things. I assumed they were growing them up some mountain. I’m cooking some up for dinner with a roast duck so I shall report back.

EDIT: I’ve just prepped them and they don’t smell right. Bugger!

I’ve seen them occasionally at Costco.

We’ve finished the Carrefour Brussels sprouts and they weren’t great but they weren’t that bad. I parboiled then sauteed them in butter and garlic and then added a bit of chicken stock. Tasted pretty good, but not as good as the Costco ones.

And they are delicious