Are foreign teachers leaving? Have hours and pay been cut?

Survey, are foreign teachers leaving the country? Have hours and pay been cut? I’m making a video and would like to include some first hand information. I personally have been affected and know several teachers completely out of work because of the covid or have had hours and also pay reduced. Send private message or share experience here. No personal information will be shared - names, addresses, photos, etc… Everything in confidence. Thanks

I’m down around 20k a month due to reduced face-to-face examining work.


Everyone I know is down hours. I know serval people speaking about going back to the USA.

If this last the whole summer I will be down over $200,000nt from the lost hours.

That hurts but teachers I know in cram schools are not getting any work.

Taiwanese I know, A few in retail have lost jobs completely and their boss was not paying any money into the social security scheme so they have zero money. That’s three different businesses.

So it’s not just outsiders who have lost jobs/income it’s also Taiwanese. Sadly.


I’ve lost all my hours as I’m part time. Am I leaving? No. Not possible. Would cost me about $300,000-$450,000nt to return home in the current climate of travel restrictions and mandatory hotel quarantine (even though I could self-isolate in a cabin on a farm without issue or cost).


I got out of teaching earlier this year, but I’d be down at least 35k if I was still doing it.


Getting out of teaching in this current environment sounds like a nice idea. I threw my pre-teaching resume around a few places recently and no bites yet. What are you up to now if you dont mind me asking?


IT Engineer, although I was only teaching for a few months, and was in IT before that too.

When I came back to Taiwan last year I just found a quick teaching job whilst I looked for a new IT job.


I’m starting my third week of zero hours. The majority of my work is private tutoring; the junior high I work at a couple of days a week has also cancelled my class (supplemental gifted English) for the time being.

Taiwan is my home now, and I have savings, so I’m not going anywhere.


i know a few teachers, all down hours and salary is cut to 25% they cant even make rent let alone food or power, some have asked for more money politely, and been told they will be fired, manager of the schools have said “everyone is getting fired in August and no more pay”.

on top of this they are asked to teach online for free or for “fun” from the same school, when they say “i cant even afford to pay my internet connection” they are told “oh the owner will probably fire you”.



What about your situation?

I’m speaking for myself as well. everyone has been told slightly different things but it paints an ugly picture from one medium sized chain school. (incidentally they keep claiming they are generous)


Really sad situations. I’ve lost income. It’s made me revisit projects I shelved long ago.

Best of luck that we can all pull through this.


Sounds typical of the attitude towards teachers.

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I’m in the government FET program, at a public elementary school. We’re still receiving full salary, and are work from home 3-4 days a week. 1-2 days a week we’re required to go in to the school for office hours.

The office hours mainly consist of prepping and planning the curriculum for next school year. On days working from home we make some videos and send out assignments for the students to work on.

I had many complaints about this program before but now I’ve never been so glad to be in the FET program. I’m fairly sure the government won’t cut public school teacher’s salaries (even for us 外師). I know I’m lucky and it’s a tough situation for those in cram schools right now.


I am in the same situation like whyguoren. I do not have to go to school at all, work from home. I wonder if FET program will continue from September though. The situation is still uncertain with the COVID. Hope Taiwan will fight it again!

I think it will still continue, if anything there will probably be more open positions for those of us here already in the country looking to change schools. It’s going to be much harder for schools to bring in new teachers from overseas.

Spoke with the boss who works for a really big chain seen everywhere. He interviews and assigns business English lecturers. Even for him, no class no pay. He is Taiwanese

My wife is a public school teacher and her pay and hours are identical. They just moved classes online. Of my two friends that work in cram schools, one also has identical hours online like my wife, but the other has nothing as all teaching at his school had ended and hasn’t been moved online.


I’m counting my blessings that the cram school I work for has gone completely online, even the other teachers who teach kindergarten have continued with online classes. I’ve been doing the same hours as before, but I’m wondering if this is just to fulfill contracts for tuition already paid and how long this will keep going. I guess the parents who will want to send their kids to us again after we open up may keep paying, or they may decide to take a break.


That’s what I think. If the Covid restrictions drag on many parents won’t need the baby-sitting element of English teaching, and others will struggle to afford it. After the next tuition fees are spent will be the tell.