Are language exchanges just people looking to hook up?


Seems legit.


Maybe we can put you together with some of those gay men mentioned above.


From hellotalk


Nothing wrong with some experimentation :+1:.


I feel like I need to put “no gay” in my profile.


When I read things like this, it makes me wonder if I’m just completely unattractive, because none of my female language exchange partners in Taiwan ever so much as hinted that they were looking for a date or a casual hookup, but I hear from other people that “language exchange” is some kind of euphemism all the time.

However, I’ve become cautious about doing language exchanges with men, because so many of them seem to just want to be friends with a foreigner to the point that they act really weird. I’ve had some really uncomfortable experiences with male language exchange partners in Taiwan. Reading this thread leads me to think that some of them were probably gay but weren’t being honest about it.


Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who’d still wonder if girls are hinting at anything when they’d be rubbing their ass on your nose.


I think that is very likely. :wink:


Please connect me with your LE partners. They sound like a lot of fun.


If I may paraphrase Hamletintaiwan:


That is a hilarious visual.


I had a friend like that. Girl likes to chat with him after class, one day he bumps into her at a party, they talk all night, he invites her in his bed to watch anime, after three episodes he says it’s late, walks her back home and hugs her goodnight.

@alankaz if anything I wasn’t dissing, just pointing out that most girls expect you to lead, and few will ever hint at sex or even dating. All the job is up to you.


You need to reply to the listings where she has a cute photo of herself, lists her interests, and says she can “show you around Taiwan ;)” IMO.


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