Are new scooters worth it?

I have been driving around on a Duke for the last four years. It has done me well. I am thinking about selling it and buying a new scooter for fun. A 125 Yamaha, SYM or Kymco.

Is this move worth it?

If so, what is your best recommendation?

Thanks in advance for your advice…

Of course… a new ride is always worth it. no mechanical problems, endless pimp-ability, the power of options…why not!!!

New. Yummmmm. Always tastes better… (usually) the only weak point is tires.

If I would have known I was going to stay here so long, I would not have waited 6 years to buy a new scooter. I would have bought a brand new one right when I got here. New scooters are wonderful, no problems. Get a new scoot!!

Its worth buying new because most of the good scooters (cygnus, cuxi) hold their value like new for about 4 years regardless of condition…
Plus when you buy new you can get 0% finance spread over 12-24 months.

If you are big i recommend the cygnus or bws, both bikes are 99% the same with different syling.
If you want a small scooter get a RSZ100.

I’ll go the other way and say buy used. I bought new for the last couple decades. Great, albeit a couple of lemons in there at one point or another. Live and learn. Expensive, though.
Last one was a 15-year-old Jockey or something. No labels on it anymore. Kymko, I think. Its great! Goes well, cheap to fix, and cost me the princely sum of NT$12,000! If it blows up or disintegrates? No problem. Just get another one.
I’m pretty damn sure that there’s NO FUCKING WAY I’ll buy a new one ever again. At the end of the day they’re just shitty wee underpowered bits of mostly plastic that ALL look exactly what they are. I’ve seen ALL of them, and there isn’t a single one out there that doesn’t look EXACTLY like a shitty wee underpowered bit of mostly plastic, am I right? Yeah, I’m right.
Buy used and spend the other NT$60,000 on beer and women. You KNOW it makes sense.

Sandy, yes but… the OP is young and trying to get a xiaojie on the pillion. :wink: :wink: :wink:
Hard to do with a fried out Combi.

Wow! You’re better at reading between the lines than I am. :neutral:

[quote=“maunaloa”]Sandy, yes but… the OP is young and trying to get a xiaojie on the pillion. :wink: :wink: :wink:
Hard to do with a fried out Combi.[/quote]
That’s IF he’s looking for a xiaojie. Possibly he’s looking for a strange lady that makes him nervous. Takes him in and makes him breakfast.

[quote=“maunaloa”]Sandy, yes but… the OP is young and trying to get a xiaojie on the pillion. :wink: :wink: :wink:
Hard to do with a fried out Combi.[/quote]

Oh well in that case what he needs is a last generation mercedes s320, remove the badge and put S63 AMG on it…

That’s why not.

But the fact that he’s asking the question in the first place suggests the Voice of Reason will fall on deaf ears.

I totally agree with both statements. I have a 50cc that I bought 6 years ago for 3000nt and to be honest it has been the best investment I have ever made. It always gets me from point A to B. I have had loads of scooters here that I have bought and sold. Some have been cheap, but were total lemoms and needed a lot of work. I now still have my 50cc and a 2007 Yamaha RSZ. If the OP is going to stay here for over 3+ years, then I would say buy a nice used newish scooter. Buying new though isn’t always a bad idea. If the OP is going to stay here, then I would disagree with buying an old cheap scooter, even though he could find one that runs fine and will run for another 6 years. I would just buy something new. Im single at the moment and I’ll tell you that the ladies prefer to ride on my RSZ than my beat up 50cc any day of the week. :slight_smile:

Your best option would to be to find a nice 2006+ used Cygnius, Fighter, RS, RSZ, etc with a warrenty. They are great scoots and they hold their value. Good luck!

Vehicle payments are for suckers, buy with cash, unless you are in a bind of course. If you must have something sweet, but a scooter 3 or 4 years old. Same quality for much cheaper. I’ve had 3 used scooters from 4- 10 000NT each, fabulous!

I recently bought two scooters. A new one for my wife (Yamaha CUXI). And a used one for me (Yamaha Cygnus).

Essentially, you want to know which of the two is a better option. My wife would not agree with me and that’s one of the reasons why I got her a new one. But I bought me a used one because I think it’s a smarter choice.

My scooter is older but I had it repainted. It looks like a new one. So far it’s been running perfectly. I upgraded the rear suspension, I had all new parts installed in the transmission and I upgraded the front brake. I also had two new Dunlop tires included in the purchase of the scooter. I have better suspension, better transmission parts, better brakes and the scooter is much faster than the new CUXI. It’s also more comfortable. If you consider the better tires and the better brakes (MUCH better), you can say that the scooter is not only much faster but it’s also quite safer.

If I include the price of all the parts and the paint job, I’m still ahead by about 10 000NT compared with the new CUXI. The only argument against that is that the CUXI, by virtue of its young age, will be more reliable. Maybe, but the repairs on these machines range from 200NT for a broken mirror to 7000NT for a blown engine. So even worse case scenario isn’t that expensive.

It comes down to this. If you are after peace of mind, a new scooter is your ticket. If you just need something to get from A to B and you want to be smart with your money, sandman’s old Jockey is your ticket. Me, I’m after the best of both worlds. I like peace of mind but I try to be smart with my money. I think buying a used scooter in top condition is the way to go.