Are Tainan and Chiayi one metroplex?

Will they be after this?

No lol.

Tainan’s city centre is on the southern end of the city and the drive between Chiayi’s centre is massive.

An hour by car with nothing but farms in between.

Taiwanese people balk at going to Danshui from Taipei.

Wanna know if a girl is into you? Invite her to Danshui.


Kaohsiung and tainan more likely. Superficially, much of the west coast all looks the same. Just a difference between tall buildings and short ones.

But to be fair, I always lump taoyuan/hsinchu/taipei into one grand scheme of massive development. Taichung/chunghua/yunlin, kaohsiung/tainan and at least NW pingtung. All just clusters of massive development stuck together with no visual barriers.

Granted, business wise, it looks much different than it looks like with the naked eye driving through such areas of grey.

For Chayi, how much of this is about water?



The entire western half of Taiwan feels like an entire metroplex. I mean there might be a few forested hills in between but it’s basically nothing but buildings and civilization from Taipei all the way to Kaoshung.

No they are not.

Dude: you really should come visit some time, and actually have a look!



Maybe Tainan-Kaoshiung is the new tech center? There are a lot of semiconductor companies in Kaohsiung as well, Merck and TSMC’s new 2nm fab.

I would say more like it is a new tech center. Factories are being built like they are 711s :smiling_face_with_tear:


They’ll just keep opening fabs so crap looking townhouses can sell more than actual mansions.

What kind of factories?

Semicon, tiny part of jobs here in Kao-Ping. You should one day come and see it soon so you know what your talking about.

Drive up motorway 17, you can see the big factory renewals just south of the airport, steel plants huge and modern!

ps. going to your area next month after we back from a short trip to the baltics, we went local Ami place here in KHH, hope find good one in your area (stay two nights in country Taitung house)

瑪里漾食研坊Maliyan Food research workshop

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Generally speaking, tech. Tsmc alone is building a bunch.

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Many years ago a girl invited me TO Danshui for late date, I went so I can say what you say is true.

Are they separate from the industrial zone? Because if not, that would be nasty.

How can any factory be apart from an industrial zone. They are set up specifically in industrial zones.
Which zone you talking about in Kaohsiung.
Old industries (steel, etc.) are south of airport. New tech industries are in north Kaohsiung near/in Nanzhih district

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That makes sense then. They tech companies would border Tainan, and form one continuous tech zone with tech in Tainan.

The entire west coast is a metroplex but surprisingly Tainan and Chiayi are two of the most separated cities in the plex.

There are whole other worlds between those two.

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Aaaaaaand, here we are full circle :wink:

Not just tainan, kaohsiung and tainan. Though tainan has pushed hard for sure. They have always had a big role in large industry. As has kaohsiung. Match made in heaven…

I haven’t checked the zoning and leniency local/county/national governments have given any given building at any given location obviously. I only know companies contracted to do work for those companies that are building the factories. But in my industries, which are WAY smaller, taiwanese government folks are willing to bend over backwards if it’s very economical to do so. I would expect, and the media/politicians seem to confirm, that the top of the top income earners of this country are getting some extra help from the government. It seems like a no brainer.

Thus, my comment about water above.

I would argue that most tsmc type of factories are legal. Because, no shit. The government will make sure of that. Make it legal. They do it for small factories all the time. Are they ethical, I don’t know. Between pollution, energy and water security. It gets murky sometimes. I have no comment on this in regards to the big guys other than they are building shells of factories for when they’re needed. I am extremely ignorant outside of that. They can flip the switch and start producing lightning fast once all this infrastructure is built. That’s an advantage Taiwan has over say the USA. Taiwan has actual health care and zero fucks given for people’s actual health nor the environment.

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That’s strange, because I see mostly farm land when I take the HSR between Taichung and Kaohsiung.