Are the commercial breaks really long on AXN or what?

Watching a program on AXN last night and there were three commercial breaks in the last 15 minutes and boy were they long breaks. I reckon there must of been 5 minutes of program and 10 minutes of commercials. What’s that all about then?


Yeah, I hate to watch AXN, but that’s usually where the nicest series are shown. Like Lost and Alias. I just bite my tongue when they cut the program in mid-sentence to switch to their long advertisements for the sixteenth time!!!

Makes a 45 min show into an hour one. Saves them digging out ‘The Rock’ and throwing that on for the umpteenth time that week.

Man I love that movie…

I found the pirate advertising in Taichung bizarre at first! Would be watching HBO and it cuts to an ad break - and then suddenly you are inundated with bad 80s style computer graphics and ads for dodgey finance companies!

Be glad you didn’t hit any of the infomercials lasting 30 minutes … some channels have them during low time … slimming products, breast enlargements, Bra-mercials … :s :noway:

Yep! Ive seen them here in Australia every damn night…

Pro-Activ! Even Jessica Frickin’ Simpson uses it… so it must be good, right?

If its not infomercials, they pump hours of creepy American religious programming into our boob tubes…

Doing night shifts at work is boredom city. Thank god for the DVD player we have hidden in the cupboard :wink:

Who wants to spend 15 minutes of their TV hour watching commercials and bad commercials at that!

I watch about 1 hour a day and record and zap.

Zero patience for adverts.

MAX X on AXN!!!

Maximum Exposure to Bad Commercials…