Are there A$7 (NT$150) Christmas Tree like ones at K Mart

Anywhere in Taiwan, can get like trees in the K mart link

I don’t know of any physical stores, but there are plenty on Shopee, Taobao, and Costco has some in stores though they are expensive.
Here is one on Shopee


Thank You!

Carrefour should have small lighted tabletop size trees.

I picked one up at a neigborhood hardware/everything store.

In Taipei there is a shopping street with ~30-40 shops that changes with the seasons. They have a little of everything tiny to huge including huge inflatables.

Mostly centered on the corner of Chang-an and Taiyuan in Hua Yin Jie Shopping District


Buyer be warned: Shopee, Taobao, the random shop here, etc. tend to be total crap, even compared to your cheapest Walmart/Kmart garbage xmas decor bought in the US. There is some Christmas shop in Tienmu and I could see from the bus I was on that the lights they had for sale were insanely low quality. (Costco, while not cheap, seems to be of comparable quality to what you’d find from Target in the US)

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Anything you buy from taobao will be in 220 as well. As for quality… I’m not sure but there are different grade of merchandise for sure. I would say taobao is comparable to Walmart quality

Second hand stores carry Christmas stuff, including trees.

Taoyuan and Chang An West Road road for new stuff.


K-Mart still exists? And in Australia of all places? I feel like we’re burying the lead here.


Somehow i hope the $7AUD is the environmental tax on tht tree, not the total price haha.

In previous years have also always seen plastic trees are carefour. I remember being near 1000 dollars. Like 700 800 etc. You can buy live conifer trees for half that and a few feet tall, then grow them outside, or gift someone after…just saying. They are common in taiwan. And far more authentic

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Yeah. You can get baby potted conifers that need some serious repotting (way too big for their tiny pots) for 4 for NT100 at Jianguo Flower market starting around November (that I know of). Those would be “table-top” sized. Even the “mini Christmas tree” sized ones (up to your knees) are less than NT500. Even if it dies on you right after Christmas, you’ve hardly created any plastic waste or transportation waste getting it to yourself. And you now either have a new houseplant or don’t need to find a place to store the thing until next year!


We shall see how logic follows…my bet is: Not.

Im still trying to get over the idea that K-Mart somehow still exists…and has an online store in Australia somehow…is nobody going to address this? This is a long-dead chain from the Midwestern US that was put out of its misery decades ago.

Edit: it appears they have 17 of their former 2,486 stores worldwide still operating. How and why is anyone in Taiwan shopping them for Christmas trees? :rofl:

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The have lots of department stores in Aussie and NZ, over 200. The USA K mart you talk about is not the same company. Kmart Australia - Wikipedia

Well the real in store price. I hope we would re use it for the office, rather than on time use which is the trend. I also hate that for the moon feast , they sell and many buy single use BBQ cooking sets.

Taiwan, while so focused on certain environmental things, also has a tendency to be very “single use” for things that should not be single use. You BBQ twice during moon festival x3 years and a mediocre grill that lasts a human lifetime (if not left out in the acid rain) would already pay for itself. Yet a mini grill is some sort of luxury item here…

Not what? Environmentally responsible? If the tree dies, the only thing that can’t be composted is the single plastic pot that you can use again for something else. The plants at Jianguo are all from Taiwan, so they’re not being shipped over from anywhere like a China>TW Taobao or China>US>Taiwan Costco tree. The only “miles” on it would be the “last miles” that everything you ship has.

For the record, I’ve bought three living “Christmas” trees in Taiwan now. They all lasted until spring, until they got attacked by some pests and died within a week. Pretty sure the fact that they were planted in pure clay and not soil didn’t help their health. If I did this again, the first thing I would do would be repot it in proper soil immediately. (The tabletop trees have all survived though, as they were in potting soil, not concrete)

Not sure where you based but there will be plenty of shops selling all Christmas stuff in Taipei and bigger cities. I guess they will start selling stuff after Halloween.

Interesting, especially since they appear to have the same logo they used in the US many years ago. Looks like they split off from the US company awhile back. Also interesting that the same company owns Target stores in Australia. Those are two totally different companies (with vastly different levels of success in recent decades) in the US.

Yes, i am promoting live trees, even if gifted after. The logic i think wot follow is that people will still buy plastic :wink: as long as they are re used, vetter than nothing.

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I guess I will use a small live tree, maybe coffee tree. (my tree has no fruit so I will decorate it, but I see others in front of homes with berries)

Certainly grow well in shade, so suitable indoors. Be i was previiusly mentioning there are loads of coniferous trees potted and trimmed into triangles on the cheap in taiwan, especially the more cedar/cypress related species. If one wanted that more authentic north american style tree.

I am all for promoting potted coffee trees as christmas trees though! 100%!