Are there any Jiu Dian (KTV) places in Taipei that welcome foreigners?

Many places will have girls capable of English speakers if you just ask since studying abroad/overseas working holidays/returning taiwanese is fairly common nowadays. Won’t hurt just ask.

There are, i’ve seen a couple around taipei, one in the building where omni the club is. It’s not like they won’t let you in if youre not a local, they welcome all business if you got the cash.

But why do you need “pretty hostesses” to keep you company?

There aren’t any that focus on Western foreigners. Most focus on Taiwanese or other Asian foreigners. It will really help if at least one person, Taiwanese if possible but not mandatory, can speak Mandarin and are able to explain that you have plenty of cash, will be responsible for any drunk activities, and will be able to communicate between everyone if needed. Some places will wave you off, so then just move to another one. You can also drop by a day before, tell them your situation, and they will arrange it.

The main area with many clubs that will have the style your looking for is Linsen Bei Lu between Nanjing and Changan.

I imagine this is simply to facilitate with the language. If I recall correctly, there used to be a regular Forumosan (and ABC) who owned a stake of a jiudian in Taipei. And I have taken out-of-town guests to some as well - none of the ladies necessarily had a problem with anyone becuase they were a foreigner, even if they couldn’t speak Chinese well. I am just saying that from my perspective, that hasn’t necessarily been an issue - obviously, if you can communicate well in Chinese, chances are you will get more from the experience (which is true of pretty much everything here)

really? this can’t possibly be true. from what i’ve heard from taiwanese and taiwanese media, westerners are all sex crazed lunatic playars. why wouldn’t they focus on westerners?? they could be raking it in!!!


If one is a Western foreigner that needs to pay for female companionship, one would by necessity be such a fucking mutant that nobody would want them in their establishment anyways.


Yeah, he was a very cool dude.
Actually, his deal was that his old man (who lived in the US) owned a couple of them and he were here running them.
He was trying real hard to build up a regular foreigner customer base for them.
It didn’t work out so good, what with it hitting the old standard stumbling block of requiring them to actually spend money.

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Not enough Westerners or Westerners with expense accounts to spend the large monies.

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They don’t really like you. Just saying.

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This thread was a kind of protest to …

… this original thread

Lots of old, less than sensible, talk on those threads.

So there was/is a member of Forumosa called “Nonsequitur” that did/does own a few of these clubs. Now that’s interesting a foreigner owning some clubs.

Hey mate,

How did you go ? have you found any good places to go to ? or have you got any places to steer clear of ?


As has been noted previously, @Nonsequitur wasn’t (isn’t) a foreigner. He’s a Taiwanese guy whose dad owns a crapload of local businesses. After he finished school in the US and did two tours of duty in Afghanistan (IIRC), he came back here and his dad gave him a couple of his JDs to run.

You can contact this recruiter of hostess through her Facebook. I think she will introduce you some English-speaking agents or hostess. By the way, tell them you want the “non-uniform” style, which has no strip dance and hand job.

“Uniform stores” provide all kinds of sex services.

Maybe he wants it.

@tempogain, can we talk about handjobs outside The Temp?

I’ve been here 8 months now. Been to a bunch of jiu dians (sometimes friends have taken me, sometimes I go alone). They are fun, but to be honest, I’ve met VERY few girls in jiu dians who can communicate in English (beyond a few words or sentences here and there). I speak a little Chinese, which is enough for basic communication. And I still find it challenging sometimes. I feel like I know just enough Chinese to get by and have fun in these places.

Still, if you want to try, you should definitely go for it. Worst case scenario is you have a funny story to tell you friends.

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Do you go alone and select a girl from the line up to come into your KTV room?

Cheers and thanks for the explanation

Anyone know if this Fu-Cheng club is still open? Nonsequitur hasn’t been on this forum for six years.