Are there any over the counter medicine for Hemorrhoids

Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there is any over the counter medicine for Hemorrhoids in Taiwan mainly looking for something like Daflon 500 (diosmin + hesperidin). Thanks

Have you tried asking at a pharmacists? They’ll know the medication names most likely. Some finger pointing and facial expressions should work in this case if there are any other issues :slight_smile:

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Are they still over the counter here or do I need a prescription ?

I would be very surprised if there’s no over the counter preparation, but if you want specific medicines it may well require a prescription. Then again, it might not since I doubt they’re controlled substances or anything.

Suppositories now need a prescription, the law just changed on that.

some pharmacies have it, you can also order diosmin from iherb.

Pharmacies hand out antibiotics, erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, and other things, so they’ll probably hand out hemorrhoid medication.

If need something and don’t want to go doctor, find a picture of the box of one familiar with, and also a picture of the box of generic name, and maybe another generic picture, and ask the pharmacist.

Or ask a Taiwan friend to do it.

Show this to any pharmacist, 痔瘡膏 , or grab an image from Google Image Search

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if you have NHI sometimes it cheeper to see the doctor than over the counter


I had hemis for years
No medicine really worked
Surgery is the only way
The surgery itself didn’t hurt much
It’s the after surgery that is a bitch

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Most pharmacies have some hemorrhoid creams. Just have to try them to see how well they work for you.

That’s true. Or even maybe without NHI just pay a doctor a few hundred and then cheap prescription.

I saw a specialist doctor for nearly an hour in a hospital once without NHI and he said the bill was NT$600. I said that’s cheap he said not really, Taiwanese only like to pay NT$200.

That’s like a sad poem.

Or a really popular rap lyric.

Eminem could make it rhyme.

Hemorrhoids bring out the worst in people.

Not really it brings empathy

It’s a haiku!

I had hemorrhoids
No medicine really worked
Surgery’s the way!

I used to use one named Anusol.
One time I go into pharmacy and ask as I can’t find it.
I Pronounce as Anus-ol: female middle age counter staff replied: oh you want some An-you-sol :joy:

As it’s written on the tube she was correct.


I’m gonna call it that way on purpose now…

If I have hemorrhoids

If being hemorrhoid open
thought maybe had
on and off at times
fingers probing
pushing back in