Are there any places that trade phones?


Are there places that trade cell phones?


Not common. This Ximenting building has a lot of second hand phone stores, they may trade, 獅子林商業大樓, No. 36號, Xining Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei

Or maybe at one of only a few Indonesian focused shops at the very Western end of underground Taipei City Mall, 100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard


Try Facebook buy and sell groups. There are groups that are exclusive to Taipei residents, and there’s also those for all over Taiwan. They are moderated so you can be sure they’re safe and unlikely to meet scammers.


That is a good suggestion. I actually already did yesterday on a Taipei group


Thank you. I will check them out


What do you have and what do you want?


I have this phone:

But I want another ZenFone model.


I have the same question as well. I have a Samsung A72017 and want to buy either Samsung s10 or Zenfone 6 whenever they come out.