Are there any swimming pools open anywhere?

What the situation with the swimming pools in Taiwan?

You’re gonna have to be more specific.


What city?

Public pools at sports centers open all year usually indoors.


That’s a very vague question. They’ve got water in them? That kind of situation?

If it’s an urgent question, it’s Sunday evening, so I guess most are closed as I type this.

As far as I’m aware there are currently no COVID restrictions. Since it’s not yet summer, many of the outdoor ones will still be closed. The indoor ones that I pay attention to have their normal opening hours.

If by “situation” you’re referring to the swim cap rules, yes, you still mostly have to wear a swim cap, even if you’re bald. And you’re not usually allowed to wear shorts - gotta be a swimsuit.

Care to be more specific?



Keqiang swimming pool in Tianmu is pleasant, 2 minutes walk from the big Carrefour near Zhishan MRT.
they have an indoor and an outdoor pool. I went a few days ago costs 110. Pretty empty. Temperature ok. Spa area has seen better days, but it has a few fun things


There’s an outdoor pool near the National Museum of Fine Arts. Go early to avoid the crowds.

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You can check some of the sport centers swimming pools in the following link

If you are interested in swimming pools in Hotels , then you can check some options here

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We don’t even know what city you’re referring to…

Based on the question, it doesn’t seem like OP cares.

But as there is only one National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, it’s easy to find out.

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Is there some kind of internet term for a ratio like this, between a vaguely asked question with no follow-up, and a decent number of answers that attempt (albeit occasionally snarkily) to be helpful?

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Daan Sports Center is good IMO.

Seems like OP wasn’t really interested.

Still don’t know where in Taiwan?

Hope OP didn’t disappear because of covid or something serious.

There are so many swimming pools in Taiwan.

I’m sure a simple Google Map search doesn’t even show half.

Lot of the times they have some hot springs or hot tubs or some kind of spa or sauna.

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