Are there Baby supply shops round Shida area?Playpen

I want to buy a playpen, does anyone know if there are any baby supply shops around shida?

kitkat - if you haven’t already, you may want to visit this site for parents in Taiwan - you can ask there in the forum if you don’t find the information already listed.


I just got this info by PM (thanks Pete!) Bethany School is in that area… 97 Ting Chou Sec 3.

The Bethany flea market is open to the public. No admission. Hours TOMORROW, Sat 5/14, are 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Lots of foreign families there, many people relocating this time of year, so you might get lucky with a playpen. I’ve also heard that this is a great place to get used books.

Try posting at Someone might be trying to sell theirs or just have one they don’t need anymore. We’re also organizing a rummage sale for later this month… probably May 28.

there are a number on fuzhou street (where the Mandarin Daily News school/offices are) across from the Women’s and Childrens Hospital.

We had some good luck finding new baby stuff on