Are there bathhouses in Taiwan? Similar to Korean Jjimjilbangs?


I’ll be moving from South Korea to Taiwan (Zhudong) next week and was wondering if Taiwan has bathhouses available throughout the cities. I know some bathhouses in America are causally related to sex houses but in Korea they are just a place where a person or family can shower and hang out and sleep on the cheap (known as jjimjilbangs). Is there such a thing in Taiwan? Am I being ignorant?

I heard Taiwan doesn’t have them because the weather’s warmer here.

There used to be lots in Taiwan but they are becoming rare. However there are hot spring places which provide a good alternative.

I haven’t found any of these Korean style Jjim-jjil bangs here in Taiwan. I lived in Korea too and enjoyed going to these from time to time. Even found one in the Chicago area, where I’m from in the US. Your best alternative is the natural hot springs, which would be more similar to the Japanese onsen. The best part of the jjim-jjil bangs is that they are very convienient and open 24 hours. The hot springs are great, but the locations can be well out of the way and certainly are not open 24 hours with all the ammenities that a jjim-jill bang has.

I did a quick search on your location in Taiwan. There are some great hot springs in Miaoli county, Tai-an. Heard they are quite hard to get to, but you seem to be somewhat close. I don’t know if there are any that are closer to you. Does anyone know of other hot springs that are close to the border area of Hsin-chu and Miaoli counties?

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Taiwan has natural hot springs all over so bathhouses have no real value.

I knew someone who would stay at places like this as a cheap alternative to a hotel. One was located near the intersection of ZhiongXiao and Fushing. Maybe here.

I seem to recall some similar ones on Nanking east rd, just before the bridge over to the shops near Costco. Spa area, with various tubs of different temperatures, sauna, steam room, area for resting and watching tv, reading. Last time I was there, it was 600NT for entry.