Are there jobs in Taiwan for non-Chinese speaker?


You might find work in a foreign-owned company here without speaking Chinese, or possibly in one owned by a Taiwanese person who spoke English. The lack of Chinese would hamper you to some extent, but would be less serious than trying to work in a similar job in the US without English.


Well you’ve got that going for you.


This is Taiwan. The complete inability to converse with one’s boss or coworkers is not always detrimental to one’s employment.

Well, I was going to say you could become and english teacher…but I’m not gonna go there.

It sounds like you have the right paper and are motivated, so I think you just need to beat on more doors. There are a surprising number of opportunities for you out there.
The lack of Chinese ability may not be as big a hurdle as you imagine. You offer a resource, being able to converse knowledgeably with english speaking clients in a technical manner, that some employer might just be looking for. And the fact that you would be new means that you might not be bringing a lot of negative or irrelevant baggage to the game.
Use your skills, ingenuity and persistence


I think with those qualifications you should easily be able to find a job. Chinese would be helpful, but I know many people who have jobs without speaking Chinese. You are going to have to do more than ask your professor for help though. I suggest you consider joining one of the local chambers of commerce as a junior member or just visiting and begging for a copy of their directory. You can target likely foreign companies in your field. They pay more, and Chinese will be less of an issue. A friend recently got a job this way.

Use,tw by typing in English words

Dell … x=1024_768
Asus … x=1024_768
HTC … x=1024_768

are all looking for industrial designers. Hell, HTC even says its looking for foreigners albeit in Chinese. Even if you don’t qualify for these jobs, apply anyway. These are some of Taiwan’s biggest companies. BTW, they will work your ass off. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Or that Formosa isn’t filled with friendly, helpful people (well except that Sandman dude).

Good luck!


Hey -
Thanks for this thread.
I’ve got a little different situation. I’m mid-career (15 years experience as a computer network engineer) with a great job - but ready to make a serious change in life. I want to live outside the US and give my kids the opportunity to see the world and know other cultures. Yet, I know only English. I’m coming to Taiwan soon to see if I think it’s practical. I’ve got friends from Taiwan who have told me it’s possible.
And = I like anyone who quotes both Thomas Sowell and Amy Winehouse!

Obviously, there is the English teaching opportunity, but furthermore, there are tons of other opportunities out there.
How about editing/translation?
Do you want to be a dancer/performer?
There have been a number of other opportunities, which you can find in some of the other threads.