Are We at Peak Plastic Surgery?

Lighten up, Francis. People have hobbies.


Good color choice equals good taste, maybe good choice of husband, maybe good player, smart QB. Seems legit! :grin:

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Until the she started showing up in NFL games, I guess I never had anything in common with her.

Sounds about right. Also something about quartz and granite, but I never really got the gist of that part.

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Aside from the song you helpfully just referenced, I don’t think I could name a single song. Still couldn’t hum a bar.

Not everyone listens to pop music.

Or watches daytime TV or music awards shows.

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Is that where her music is played. I don’t watch either (no TV at all these days)

I saw her on the morning shows when I was in Manila. She’s the talk of the town. In the celebrity circuit anyway. I can’t say I’ve ever listened to her music.

Billie Eilish yes, Taylor Swift, nope. I laff like hell when I hear snippets of the one song with the “sick beats.” :joy:

I see headlines about the big pop stars on Flipboard, but I understand not every consumes news in the ways that I do

I don’t see her at all. Until today. I’m sure I’ll see her all over my FB page now. :runaway:

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Who does Taylor Swift play for? I’ve never heard of him.

The fangirls

Isn’t he the dude who sings “Walk This Way”?


Plastic miniature surgery?

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I was going to ask too, not that I’m particularly a fan or anything. She seems alright for someone in that genre though, and from what I gather she’s been extremely successful so credit to her.

“Don’t like” doesn’t sound that bad though, @Gain. She’s almost made it to the top of your four-point hedonic scale. :sweat_smile:



You don’t need to have anything in common with her to know who she is. She is more than just a pop musician. She is literally one of the most famous and powerful people in the world. A modern day phenomenon. Her tour in Europe caused inflation.

It would be like not knowing who the Beatles are. I don’t listen to Beatles at all but I have heard of them.

I like many people.

Sorry, my mistake – I didn’t realize you were so full of love. I must have missed that post. :sweat_smile:


Those Irish, I tell you. What will they think of next?

After my wife yelled and pointed at the tv (don’t tell her I said that) last September, it occurred to me that she might be a Big Deal. So I looked her up and later the wife played a song of hers on the stereo. And truth be told, I think I’ve seen her face before, just never associated it with a name.

Loves to call Elon Musk a cunt?

There’s a man who might benefit from a little plastic surgery, tho

Hair transplant already done on ol’ Elon


I duno, she likely has had something done because they’re all money-grabbing robots, but some of that facial changing can be explained by the weird box-head jaw growth thing that some American women develop from mid-30s onwards.

See Scarlett Johansson for reference. Her skull is like a cube.