Are We at Peak Plastic Surgery?

I watched season one of The Boys, so I recall what this woman looked like. The new look is rather shocking and honestly, fishlike in quality.


She used to be a cutie

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I hope she got compensation.

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There was a season two. :man_shrugging:

Must have been in tragic car accident right after the surgery. :cry:

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Nicole Kidman

She was mentioned in the article.


At least she still looks like herself. Something with the hooded eyes, whatever tf that means.

As much as I don’t like Taylor Swift her plastic surgeries look pretty natural. The difference is mostly in the styling.

(One of the worst) is obviously Donatella Versace

And the funniest part is that Ryan Murphy got PENELOPE CRUZ to play her in a tv show :rofl:


Like someone eased crayon on her face. For decades.


I fear the answer but what do you find so wrong with her that you can’t shake it off?


A few pity laughs for your joke first. Ha-ha-ha.

I don’t like her because I find her annoying and her fans even MORE annoying. But I used to hate her so I already like her a bit more than say 10 years ago.

I don’t see it. They seem happy.

Are you a fan of Father John Misty? Just curious. :face_with_monocle:

I found a lot of the women who were hot when i was young now look pretty rough due to all the surgery. . Denise richards and louise redknapp are a couple that come to mind. They used to be like S tier. Now look pretty brutal. I’m sure they had more than enough natural beauty to age gracefully.


Do you disagree or are you unfamiliar with tier lists?

The latter.

Since I watch a lot of NFL I have (ahem) just this year learned who Taylor Swift is. She’s not so bad, imo. She’s brought a lot of new fans to the game, which makes me happy.

They may not be there for the game itself, but ever since an entire pick’em league I once played in got smoked by an older woman who each week picked winners based on the kitchen countertop colors picked by each game’s quarterback’s wife, I don’t judge.

Good family fun. I like it.

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Ooh now we’re talking.

Were you living under a rock? She’s been extremely successful and famous for over a decade.