Are you a functional alcoholic? I was, once

<<formosa, temporarily revived in hot tropical midsummer Canadian heatwave, writes, himself a recovering alcoholic from way back, wondering if others, hick, ever felt this way…>> … ory/Front/

British journalists insist drinking on the job doesn’t affect quality of work

The Globe and Mail’s Leah McLaren: "The whole point of being a functional alcoholic is that you are able to function remarkably well under the influence of alcohol. Most British journalists I’ve met insist that alcohol makes absolutely no difference to the quality of their work, and I tend to believe them. The real problem with drinking on the job is that it obliterates the reason for stopping work at the end of the day

You were pissed up when you wrote that, right?


I resemble that remark

With regard to the ability to do one’s job, functional is about the minimum and shouldn’t be taken as evidence that alcohol isn’t impairing one’s performance.

I was wondering how long it was going to be before formosa returned from the dead. Does this mean you will disappear again once the Canadian heat wave passes? :smiley:

Somebody who writes, while drunk, for a living, stating that other people who write, while drunk, for a living are doing a decent job. Reminds of a few people I know who claim they can drive while drunk…

quite a few good writers and journalists, in UK and USA and anywhere, have been functioning alchies…and actors like the welsh guy married to eliz taylor, oh yeh, dick burton…and christopher hitchens the UK writer in DC really a complete drunk yet produced great stuff. So who’s to say?

i think classroom English teachers cannot do this and get away with it, but probably alot of reporters in Taiwan on the English and Chinese papers are drunk all night long. It’s juice for the muses. I wonder if copyeditors can do it though? maybe that is why there are so many typros there and here…