Are you a Kiwi 80s child

Just going on a nostalgia trip (back to the bestest decade of them all) with Mod Lang’s 80s quiz link here:

So I dug up this one:

You are a Kiwi child of the 80’s when you remember when:

Cigarettes were called fags and nobody batted an eyelid when 8 year olds walked down the street with a lolly cigarette hanging out their mouth.

That was nice, here are some mre I could think of :

Racing home from the swimming pool at 5:30 to watch Neighbours (especially the day Scott and Charlene, aka Kyle Minogue, got married and had Angry Anderson singing Suddenly in the background).

The A.F.L. Grand Final Sprint

Everybody had long hair, even Jimmy Barnes.

Kingswood Country.

Kingswoods “The Sandman”, shaggin wagon.

Michael J Fox.

Dallas and J.R Ewing.

The A team. Hannibal, Face, Mr T and ?

Duffel Coats (sp)

Waking up Saturday morning to tape RAGE on the ABC.

Punky Brewster, the Muppets and Fraggle Rock.

Cabbage Patch Kids (never had on but my best mate did)

Lassie, Flipper and Skippy the bush kangaroo.

Trying to beat Rubik’s cube.

Boy George.

TAB soft drink, and Melloo Yellow.


Double dare.

I remeber a lot of that and I am not even a KIWI… I think most 9of these are applicable to anyone who can remember the 80’s…except those that lived in non English speaking or communist countries

Murdock was the other memeber of the A Team

I’m an American who lived in Australia in the 80s… most of its familiar to me too. Can I add a couple from my days in Melbourne? Something tells me it might apply to kiwis too…

Mellow Yellow and Coke yo-yo’s were popular (around-the-world, free-style, walk-the-dog…)

And marbles were huge in 1983-1984. Cat’s eyes, dogs eyes, glassies, etc.

Pushing down your knee socks in primary school (while the teachers weren’t looking).

Jaffa Big M.

I remember having to buy Aussie bikini-style undies because everyone laughed at me whitey-tighty knickers.

We had fish 'n chips every friday too… my parents would send me to the shop to get “Five fried flakes and fifty cents of chips.” My kiwi friend Simon called it ‘fush and chups.’

Our video player was a beta, not a vcr.

red rashes from landing on the springs of our neighbor’s tramp (oline)

Dire Strites were ace.

Franko Cotzo was selling furniture.

Barry Humphries was just making his start as Dame Edna.

And speaking of Barry… wasn’t that everybody’s name?

Astro boy was on tv in English.

I read everything by Enid Blyton… Famous Five, Secret Seven etc.

Any of this sound familiar?

Hey, I still do ALL of those things :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes the eighties. Back then Aotearoa had something that could be likened to an economy. Welfare was ample and soup kitchens relatively unheard of. People could say NZ is a powerful rugby nation and absolutely no one would laugh. (Sorry about the last one.)

The Coromandel Peninsular was rumoured to have been seeded with dope sprayed by a helicopter lifting out a huge haul of seeding pot sparking the infamous late summer “tramp” through the Coromandel for free gear. Since cut back by the incidence of stumbling on the definitely not free plots of Maori bike gangs.

But then I’ve never been. I am defintiely something of an admirer, or was until it was Rogered.


A few more.

Pat Cash style checkered headbands were a must for any young aspiring tennis player post 1987.

Taking the BMX down the bike tracks after school. Remember the red headed Nicole Kidman in BMX bandits!!!

Transformers. I see they’re making a comeback in Taiwan too!

eighties was when I first arrived in the shore of California in my boat. :wink:

[quote=“amos”]Taking the BMX down the bike tracks after school. Remember the red headed Nicole Kidman in BMX bandits!!![/quote]I had a Chopper, did you have those down under ?

A chopper :shock: , that’s a dragster mate. I had one painted in the colours of my beloved footy club, before I got my BMX in about 84.

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”][quote=“amos”]Taking the BMX down the bike tracks after school. Remember the red headed Nicole Kidman in BMX bandits!!![/quote]I had a Chopper, did you have those down under ?


You lucky bastard. I don’t want to tell my sad chopper story again. Oh, how I wanted to join my friends in the ‘Chopper Squad’. :cry: :cry:


If it weren’t for the bloody great big writing down the frame I’d have to agree with you on that Amos. Wasn’t it a Malvern Star?

We used to whack longer forks on and put bigger wheels on the front. So big in fact that the slightest exertion would have the front wheel up around your ears in no time. The stick shift had to go unfortunately, otherwise it was too deadly a treadly for our pre-pubescent balls.

Found this:

Three countries two treadlies?


Bu Lai En,

There is a late 70’s early 80’s dragster down the road, in a little less than mint condition perhaps I could snavel it for you.