Are you able to get taxed if paid in cash?

I’m not sure if anyone can help me out with my question, but my situation is as follows:
I’m getting paid in cash at my cram school. But they didnt give me a ARC which I was eligible in getting. Since I’m a dual citizen of tw and can…the boss wanted to pay me like a local. I said just pay me cash cuz I dont wanna get taxed. I gave the school my tw id to get health insurance–altho it seems like the card is fake. With all this, is it still possible that the school can declare me, resulting me in paying taxes next year?

Article 2

For any individual having income from sources in the Republic of China, consolidated income tax shall be levied in accordance with this Law on his income derived from sources in the Republic of China.

Unless otherwise provided in this Law, in the case of an individual who is a nonresident in the Republic of China but who has derived income from sources in the Republic of China, income tax payable by him on all such income shall be withheld and paid at the respective sources.

This stands for both Taiwanese and foreign, bottom line, you need to pay a visit to the tax office.

Of course any income is taxable, paid cash or otherwise - doesn’t matter.

But if you have no agreement or contract you may not get paid if your boss is in a bad mood - and there is no way for you to proof it or sue him without getting yourself into trouble then. Risky.

You probably get taxed if you gave your employer your ID - Even if paid in cash - otherwise it is up to you to declare it, unless you plan not to make a tax return.

so how does it work for those who just come here and work for a summer or so and leave?and there are tons who get paid in cash at their school.i’m sure not all do their taxes.what are the consequences in tw if you dont do your taxes?

In order to answer the questions brought up in this thread, one has to maintain a consistent point of view. Initially, wcflex stated that he is a dual national (ROC - Canada) and has an ROC ID card. Based on that status, which is quite a bit different from “overseas Chinese”, and certainly different from “average foreigners”, of course he has full work rights in the ROC.

Article 7 of the Income Tax Law does not differentiate between local citizens and foreigners in terms of the amount of withholding taxes which should be taken out of salary payment for services rendered in the ROC. Hence, for those physically present in the ROC less than 183 days in the year, withholding should be made at the 20% rate.

If your employer is not doing this, he is not conforming to the law. Unfortunately, such non-conformance to the law is commonly seen here in Taiwan.

thanks for all the posts…sorry if i’m still somewhat unclear in what all were, if i’m correct…the employer is suppose to withold a portion of your salary for tax purposes?anyways,so what it sounds like…whether if my boss is running his cram school in a legit way or not,it’s still safer if i take a visit to the tax office next year?take out the fact that i have a tw id…has anyone encounter my type of situation–where the school pays you in cash and had to question about having to do taxes.