Are you aged 45+?

Hey guys, just wanting to know if there are any 45+ (50-60) yr olds teaching in Taiwan (Taipei) and if so what kind of establishment do you teach in?


[quote=“Elliot_spencer”]Hey guys, just wanting to know if there are any 45+ (50-60) yr olds teaching in Taiwan (Taipei) and if so what kind of establishment do you teach in?



I taught in kindy and various conversation/business english schools in my early 40’s, but I no longer teach. Don’t worry, you should have no trouble finding decent work if you look presentable and have decent qualifications.

Pssst… :secret: some “people” :flowers: get a little sensitive about age , maybe if you asked them to PM you ?

Sory, if you don’t want to answer here can you pm me please.

I am 47 and I teach at David’s English in Taibei County. Most of the other foreign teachers at our branch of David’s are in a similar age group. Most of our students are in their 20s and 30s.

How about you just tell us why you’re asking. “Just wanting to know” is a little vague.

I’m 53, and I work in a children’s buxiban.

I am 93 and still hiding out in the wilds of Nantou, fighting for the glorious Emperor Hirohito against the Yankee dogs.

Yes, why?

Hello. I would like to know as I love this Island and I never want to leave… I want to die here…So, I was wondering if its possible to do so… was wondering if its possible to find work even when and up until your 60!

I have met two people over sixty years old teaching in Taiwan. One was a qualified teacher from the states teaching at a college and the other was working teaching at an adult buxiban.

A lot of buxibans want fresh, young looking faces but there are also some that want experience and maturity.

If you really want to live here for the rest of your life, (gulp) maybe you could find a local to marry (which I for some reason susspect think you do) which would open the door to other employment and business opportunities.

Good luck

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Yes I’m 45 ++++++++++++
I landed in Taipei in 2003 and looked around for a job.
An old hand I met said “Don’t answer ads for what they have,
make ads for what you are.”
So I went online and wrote (anyone old enough to remember
the TV show
“Have Gun
Will Travel” )
“53 year old Canadian male, with University B.A., College Diploma
and TESOL, wiill consider all options.”
I was being shown the offered apt for the job I took when I got a
call saying I was shortlisted for another job I interviewed for.
It took a week.
Speaking to the woman who met me at the bus station, I said that
when I came to taiwan I expected to teach adults. She said
if you don’t mind teaching kids in a small town it’s ok, I have trouble
keeping young teachers here, they all want to go to the city to work."
I’m very happy here, but maybe as a younger man I’d “go south”,
around Kaoshiung.

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I’d be interested to hear stories of anyone over 45 who doesn’t teach English. I remember seeing a news story a year or so ago about a guy who must have been in his mid-late forties who was selling ice cream. He seemed like he was doing just dandy.

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Wire Paladin, not being familiar with the lezicon of the
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as we “sailed” under the Golden Gate Bridge I was on deck
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Oh! the original topic of age - take great delight in tossing
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Quite an influence on the development of the English language.

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