Are you kidding me!

I was looking through an English website ( [color=red][/color]) on general info for getting your licence and the link below was a sample test.


One of the questions was:

To be clean and well dressed is a common courtesy while driving.

Is this really what the questions are like?


Rob :laughing:

Some are harder and are actually really difficult when you come from a country where driving on the left-hand side of the road is the norm.(especially the questions on traffic officer’s hand signals)

most of the questions are common sense (although this is debatable as the above poster has noted - differences etc.). i spent about 10 minutes with the book and did fine.

no one that i know has (admitted to) failing the written test. the driving test is where they get ya! :laughing: good luck.

Oh there’s some real beauties man.

Here’s a few from the “Cars Driver’s Manual” (Can’t sleep, so I’ll finally get round to typing osme of these in).

The most important thing for the driver is (1) The moral concept of paying attention to human life (if only that were true).

The driver can offer the most excellent service to have safety confort and speed for the passenger or cargo owner. If you are hard to give consideration to two or more things, the important service is (1) comfort (2) speed (3) safety (huh?)

The driver follows the traffic rules because (1) he is afraid of being punished (2) he has the sense of responsibility, honr for personal and other people’s safety (3) there is someone to supervise him

When you see other vehicles or pedestrians misbehaving, you will be angry and feel like fighting or using abusive language or loosing your temper, how do you control yourself? You should (1) be patient and give way (2) argue with them in accordance with the law (3) do not speak (remember that next time you want to ‘loose’ your temper)

I am a good driver and always obey traffic rules. To keep traffic safe I hope the traffic policemen should (1) strengthen inspection and crackdown (2) not strengthen inspection and crackdown (3) only strengthen inspection, but not crackdown

T or F: Respecting human life is the most important thing for driving morals. When driving, we should consider pedestrians. We should particular give the priority of passing to the old, women and children and the handicapped (ooh, that’s a tough one)

T or F: I find two drug dealers whispering in my taxi. In order to help my country, I should think up a method to report the police station and not let them escape (yes, the answer is true - so watch out drug dealers)

T or F: I have driven for many years and have good driving skill. Therefore, when I am driving, I often joke and sing. This shows my driving skill, and does not affect safety.

T or F: If I find that passengers are suspicious, I should refuse to take them by pretext (hmm, so that’s why some taxis take off again after seeing me - they’re just following the road rules)

Here’s an example of why the driving test can be difficult:

The pass points of a busines driver’s license test are (1) 70 points for traffic rules, 60 points for mechanical knowledge, 70 points for driving test (2) 85 points for traffic rules, 60 points for mechanical knowledge, 70 points for driving test(3) 85 points for traffic rules, 60 points for mechanical knowledge, 70 points for driving test (why the hell do I need to know that and all those other rules about the amounts of fines for overloading trucks? I’m just going for an ordinary car licence).

Can a taxi driver refuse to take a customer? (2) No (they can’t? What about if they look suspicious?)

About honking, you can not honk continuosly (1) three times

Each honk can last (3) half a second

T or F (htis one is true!): The government gives rewards to good drivers, people who report traffic offenses to the authorities or help to save accident victims (so don’t worry if the police pull you over -t hey probably just want to give you a reward!)

T or F (this oen is true too!): Taxi should pick up their customers at assigned taxi stop and should not pick up passenger at the roadside (remember that next time you want a cab - go to the assigned taxi stop - they’re not allowed to stop at the roadside).


Yes it is a very serious and always obeyed law. :unamused:
Cuz I never see and flithy blue slipper wearin, beetle nut chewing, toothless scumbag double parked on a crosswalk so he can hoark and big luggie on the sidewalk as people try to walk around him into traffic.

I saw that too it was definately a W.T.F? question.

I couldn’t believe that on too. It came up on my test and I sat at the console and chortled to myself. By the way pressing the “submit” button at the bottom of the page should give you all the answers, and pressing refresh should give you all the questions you need to memorize.

L :smiley:

Limey, the memorization depends which county you sit the test in. The one in Ilan county is a lot different to the sample tests. Just the internet test alone wasn’t enough prep for me.
I know at least one other person that failed it at least once. :blush:

There was one question that I had where it said something like:

If you have been drinking do you:

a.) Drive really fast home so you won’t get caught drinking and driving.

b.) Drive really slow so you won’t hit anyone.

c.) Have your drinking buddy drive for you.

d.) Get a taxi.

I don’t remember if I got that one right or not.

Here are some mock tests for the British driving test, compare and contrast: (only works properly in IE, not Mozilla)

(I got 30, which is a pass, just, not bad for never studying it)

Mm, Sorry I had no idea that the test was different in other counties. Any idea why this would be? Surely you need to be clean and well dresssed in some where like Gaoshuing too :wink:

The young kids in the line couldn’t believe it when they saw my score of 100%…neither could I.

L :smiley: