Are (young) Taiwanese gay men into Western guys? Does age matter? (It doesn't to Thais, Filipinos)

I’m wondering whether Taiwanese gay men are interested in dating western guys (I’m from the UK).Culturally do they just prefer to have a relationship with another Taiwanese boy or a Chinese?
I’m a middle aged British guy,although I look younger than my age because I take care of myself.I’ve heard that age for the most part,doesn’t matter to 20 & 30 something Filipino’s and Thai, is this the case with Taiwanese gay men?

Yes, doesn’t matter. There was some gay guy who married some really old dude from uk down in miaoli a few weeks ago

The age difference was like 50 years

Ps, I think the legal age for gays is 18(not 16 as for normal), so keep that in mind

I know some guys prefer exclusively westerners. So, uh yea.

Regarding age, well, it differs from person to person. You’ll have some who cares about age.

I can say to you that most Filipinos prefer westerners because of colonial mentality. Most think that if you are westerner you look better/prettier and big down there. Many also think that if you hook up with westerners, you get a chance of a better life. Not saying everyone - but that from my experience and POV, seems to be a norm.

Just curious, as to why you ask this question. Is it because you have preference towards Asians?

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Yes I do have a preference for south east/east Asians.Very strangely,some people think this is wrong or taboo,I’m not sure why!!!
I find younger Asian guys not only physically attractive,but I prefer their personalities in contrast to western gay men…from talking to some,they seem genuinely friendlier and lack the aggressive attitude of many western gay men,and not as cold or unemotional. I realise of course that many gay men from Asia probably aren’t like this,but I’ve heard that a great many do have a friendlier and warmer demeanour,and lack the “attitude” and prevailing ageism in western gay culture,where sometimes being 35 is considered too old!

I know a couple of older white gay men here who tend to date younger locals, sometimes considerably younger. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting a date.

If, however, you’re looking for a long term relationship, and not just a hookup, I’m not sure how it will go. Most young people in general aren’t looking to get tied down, and many can be hesitant about committing to a foreigner since that requires leaving their comfort zone in some way, so you could run into issues there. One of the gay expats I know here was basically left at the altar. So be wary of heartbreak.

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I should stay away from you or else I will shatter your perception on asians :joy:

I would yes. Gay men I’ve met seem pretty particular about certain things but usually pretty open across racial lines unless they only date one race.

As an adult hetero man that gets hit on way to much by young Taiwanese guys, you may hit the jackpot. I wish Taiwanese girls were as aggressive. They are really missing out on a lot of opportunities that girls from other countries in Asia are finding.

Meanwhile marriage brokers are making lots of money marrying girls into Taiwan from Vietnam.

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Please tell me in what way my perceptions of Asian guys are wrong?-I’d be really interested in the reality…

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I just think you are generalizing Asian men. Just like any other people, there are those who can be manipulative, unattached, superficial, aggressive, etc. Some asians I know are much worse than western gay men.

Ageism is a general problem. Not only in gay culture.

One thing for sure, if you want to have a better chance on getting on with more Taiwanese guys, then it is better for you to speak and understand Mandarin. What I find most non-English speaking Taiwanese is they avoid you like a plague if they can’t speak English.

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I know quite a few divas, myself. There’s all kinds here.

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I’m a diva! :rofl:


really? according to taiwanese media they are all EZ, i was under the impression that western guys would get pounced on the moment they leave the house.