Army laid bare in conscript's book

Taipei Times article

At first I thought this was another article about Poagao’s book, but it turns out not to be the case.

Poagao, have you heard anything about this book? How accurate do you think this is?

I don’t know; haven’t read it. Everyone has a different experience. The fact that it mentions, somewhat extraneously I thought, that he is an NTU graduate, plus some of his complaints, leads me to believe that this guy is a bit too whiny. Of course, as this society becomes more affluent, you’re going to get a lot more of these guys who seem to feel that being yelled at is a violation of their human rights or something.

This article might also be behind some recently renewed interest on the part of a few publishers here towards my book. Perhaps they want a different viewpoint.

From today’s Taipei Times:

An article like this sounds like they are getting ready to implement some sort of new program to combat such behavior, and need to make the “need” apparent before they do so, so that the program is seen as a response.

I’m trying to see some differences between that description of young officers and the general modes of behaviour in civilian life, but I don’t see any at all – Incompetence, covering up, refusing to take responsibility – that’s the way everything is done here, from the legislature, through the professional classes, down to businessmen, traders, schools, so why on earth would the military be any different?

Some might say that’s a racist statement. But I won’t. Read Barbara Tuchman’s “Stilwell and the American Experience in China”…all will become clearer.

Oh, OK. Sorry, in that case I’ll just lie. I’ve never seen any evidence here of official incompetence, refusal to accept responsibility or covering up, so in fact, it is a TOTAL surprise that its being complained about in the military. I wonder why this should be so?

I DIDN’T see the news clip last evening of the truckie who deliberately dumped his illegal load of slurry in the middle of the Huan He expressway, totally blocking the traffic for several hours.

The concrete support for a generator at the fourth nuclear power plant DOESN’T have to be rebuilt due to the contractor cutting corners and using below standard materials.

That’s just two news items from the last couple of days. I could go on and on, but you probably wouldn’t believe me, so what’s the point.

I need some rose-colored spectacles.

Originally posted by sandman: Oh, OK. Sorry.....I need some rose-colored spectacles.

I was JOKING! Have a cool one and relax…

And just to show that the military here hasn’t changed much:

Kenneth Randolph Williams was in the United States Army from May of 1943 until August of 1945. He was part of three man teams assigned to the Chinese Army.

Q: Could you give me your full name?

Williams: Kenneth Randolph Williams

Q: When were you in China?

Williams: from about May of 1943 until August of 1945

Q: What were you doing there?

Williams: I was with the United States Army.

Q: In what capacity were you with the army?

O’Brien, we seem to be often at cross purposes here, so I’ll take your advice and enjoy a cool one. I hope you do too!

I was also joking, by the way, or at least typing in a light-hearted vein.

Originally posted by sandman: O'Brien, we seem to be often at cross purposes here, so I'll take your advice and enjoy a cool one. I hope you do too!

I was also joking, by the way, or at least typing in a light-hearted vein.

Makes you wonder about just how well the Hotline connecting the White House and the Kremlin would REALLY work, doesn’t it?