Around Taiwan train ticket, good for 15 days

Around Taiwan train ticket, good for 15 days…

Does anyone know about this offer? Or taken a ride on it. I heard that you can buy a one way ticket, good for 15 days, in one direction only, and begin anywhere, and stop where you began if you want to make a complete circle. So if I begin Keelung, I can go around the island for 15 days for just NT$1700. If I extend to a month, it’s NT$3000 for 30 days of free travel, get off anywhere, but only in one direction, cannot backtrack (no pun intended).

With my folks coming over for a visit, and my Dad being a train nut, I thought this just might be the ticket. ANyone do it this way yet?

Do not need to make reservations at each stop either. Just buy ticket and go. Good for 15 days. I could go KEELUNG-Hualian…Hualien - Taitung…Taitung-Pintung…Pintung-Kaohsiung…Kiaohsiung-Tainan…Tainan-Chiayi (with side trip to Alishan extra price)…Chiayi - Chichi-------Ehsui-Changhua…Changhua-Taichung …Hinschi…Yangmei…Taoyuan…Sanshia…Yingke…Banchioa…Taipei…Keelung.

Maybe we should jst rent a car and drive…

Sounds great but i would suggest thinking about going the other way as the east coast is far more spectacular that the west.

mark098: you mean so as to finish up the long trip with the east coast spectaculars? Yes, good idea.

Oops! Now i heard that the special round-island fare for 15 days only allows for 7 station stops, not unlimited as i was originally told, or “heard” when the lady told me. Does anyone know the answer? Unlimited or just 7 stops on the special tix? I tried calling the train station in Taibei but got nowhere fast. HELP!

just checked at main Taipei station. I was wrong. Turns out that the passport is good for just 7 station stops, not unlimited as I originally thought. I didn’t read the fine print. So the 15 day passport is good for 7 station stops only, adults costis NT$1700, kids are just NY$800. Still not a bad deal, but would have been better is unlimited stops. Also, stops must be chosen before you begin trip, no random choosing while aboard allowed… So what I thought was a terrific deal, turns out to be a good deal, but with restrictions. Damn. Gotta learn to read the fine print. Gotta learn to read Mandarin first in big print!